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  1. E

    Purple Sour Diesel & MArtian Candy OG - Organic Super Soil Harvest

    400W HPS, 2x 490W MARS HYDRO LEDs Harvested Friday via solo all night trim session. Soooooo tired ZZZZZzzzzzzz Colas as big as a 6'6" man's leg
  2. OldSchool 64

    World's Smallest Solo Cup Grow

    Let's see how big I can get them in these baby solo cups..should be fun to watch..figured what the heck. And those are trainwrecks next to them I got from the king ..one week old.
  3. O

    OregonGrown's First Attempt - Soil - Bag Seed - Mars2

    Well, here goes nothing! This will be my first attempt at procuring some home grown meds for my girl. Dispensary prices are high and the hassle of stopping by once a week is a pain. So lets see how bad I can screw this up! Strain: Sour D(that's what I was told) Sativa 2'x2'x5' something...
  4. Marzbadrock

    Solo Cup Comp: Bring It!

    Welcome any and all! This will be a fun competition on a smaller scale. Anybody that wants to play just sub to this journal. You may have as many entries as you want. Entry for this competition will be open until February 1st 2016 and will end April 20th 2016. Rules: 1) must use a solo cup...
  5. D

    Is this adequate drainage for solo cup?

    Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil.
  6. J

    How do you grow very small plant that will flower.

    1st time grower. I dont want some crazy big plant. Just a small one that will harvest 4g or so. I saw a thing online about keeping your plant in a solo cup the intire time but I could not find a "How To" step for step. Has anyone done this before? Can you give me a link or comment a step by...
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