1. Post xplant; pre snip

    Post xplant; pre snip

  2. 4 strains 17 days or so

    4 strains 17 days or so

  3. Transplant Day

    Transplant Day

  4. 2w2d since germination

    2w2d since germination

  5. J

    JimiGrows 4 Strain in Scrog - Indoor Soil

    New year, new grow. This time I'm growing Maui Waui, Bubblelicious, Wonder Woman, and Somango XXL from Nirvana. All are feminized. I'll be putting them in a scrog like I did my last Sour Jack grow to keep the heights even in the 4ftx4ft tent. They're in my 2'x2' tent where it's easier to keep...
  6. Blueleaf

    Auto Somango & Auto Tangerine Dream

    Hello everybody! So my introduction will be this journal. :volcano-smiley: Please excuse me for the lack of comprehensive description of the grow I'm currently doing, I'm quite a minimalistic person (in everything, haha). This isn't my first grow, but I call myself an advanced noob. I'm...
  7. D

    My first grow and just to say hello

    Hi I am very new to growing and I'm on my first EVER grow. I have two plants on the go, the 1st is Somango and number 2 is Moby Dick, both are autoflower.
  8. S

    Is she ready?

    hello guys, is my auto Somango ready ?