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    San Francisco's Trendiest Coffee Roaster Is Now Making A Marijuana-Infused Cold Brew

    A Bay Area pot startup has made it even easier to "wake and bake," with a new marijuana-infused cold-brew coffee. Somatik, an artisanal pot-products company founded in 2016, teamed up with boutique roaster Ritual Coffee to create the drink, which hit cannabis dispensary refrigerators in...
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    A New Bottled Coffee Infused With Cannabis Is Designed For A High-End High

    Coffee and cigarettes are the classic duo. But in 2017, in many parts of the world, smoking a joint and drinking a cup of joe is seen as a healthier combo. But if you want to streamline your daily intake, there's a new, bottled cold-brewed blend that mixes artisanal java and marijuana for fancy...