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    I've been lurking here a little bit decided I like to place and I'm probably going to stick around. On that note can somebody tell me how to edit my profile? I'd appreciate the help thank you.
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    New to this and need help please somebody!

    Hey guys I am new to this site and also new to growing!! I currently have 6 plants , in my wardrobe under a 125 watt CFL! (Will be changing to a 400 hps soon! Everything was going great and then today I checked on them and my biggest plant had fallen over! And the leaves also look a bit...
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    Brown spots on stems and some leafs..

    Hello, everybody. I'm searching the whole internet to find somebody with similar problem but I can't.. nobody really know what this is. Only guesses. So maybe I can find somebody here. Ok, so it's indoor, hum is not higher than 40%. Here are the photos.