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  1. G

    Help airy buds makes me sick

    Hi , so its my first plant without any equipment , but what so ever maybe somehow i can save them to make it more thick ,dense. Help photos below.
  2. F

    What are people doing with male plants? I evicted mine for now

    I had a few free seeds and one of them popped and is a male so I immediately pulled it out of my indoor grow tent and straight to my 8x12 greenhouse so no pollination would take place. I generally do not use the greenhouse ( only for Vegetable gardening) but this male plant is taking off with...
  3. LightHouse

    What's wrong?

    It's been a few days out of soil and no leaves... Whats wrong with my dwarfie :( It's my first grow have i somehow messed it up? Pics are bad, couldn't focus it right.