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  1. S

    Need help getting things right

    Hi I have never ever grown kush. Im having really serious plans to start doing it. Im going to grow it in basement, which has practically no air circulation, but i think im gonna figure something out. Im 100% gonna use LED, because i would have hard time cooling the room down. Im have my...
  2. Cannabs

    Hey I search for seed

    seed with big yields very important.. and site will shiping worldwide super stealth.. i looking for 1kg-2kg per( Meter x Meter ) if not have something like that so the best one just put here the name of the seed.. :Namaste::Namaste:thank you guys
  3. TheFertilizer

    Automatic Drip Watering Systems - Pre-Packaged Or DIY

    I want to put together a drip-watering system for a couple of reasons. Mainly because I want to remove the pain in the butt of watering by hand. I have a bad back and a stomach condition and it is just really not as easy as people might think to be bending over, walking back and forth with...
  4. C

    Clay pebbles - Clean or dispose of?

    Hi all, I was just wondering what other people do with their clay pebbles after a grow in something like a Wilma when you've got like 75 litres of them to worry about. I usually dig a massive hole and bury them but apart from that my only other idea is building a colander the size of a small...
  5. D

    Desperate For Advice On pH Issues In Small 2 Gallon Reservoir

    This is my first grow and I'm having trouble. Everything else is dialed in, so I think it must be related to the daily 5.6-6.1 pH swing I see and/or the pH down that I'm constantly having to add every single day. My plant often looks droopy as if it's not getting enough oxygen (which it is)...
  6. M

    Best budget LED? So many to choose from!

    I'm looking for an LED light in the 500 watt range and was wondering if anyone could recommend something. I see the prices range from $50 to $1000! I'm looking for something low cost to compliment my Mars Hydro 600 for a 4x4 grow room.. Thanks..
  7. G

    Automatic watering system

    Is there any commercial watering systems available at a reasonable price now? Something with a humidity sensor and a water pump?
  8. onewarmguy

    Thrips and or something else?

    Hi all, hoping somebody can steer me in the right direction. I'm about 3 weeks into flower the bud sites are starting to produce trichomes, and I'm pretty sure that I'm having a problem with thrips that I'm trying to treat with insecticidal soap (2% solution and yes I'm spraying both sides of...
  9. K

    Magic Butter Machine and leaves and what not

    I am wondering if the Magic Butter Machine would help me make fan leaves, unwanted males etc become useful. As a grower from seed, I always have leaves that I trim away or have unwanted males and other material that does not make the cut into what I vape. Would using something like the Magic...
  10. U

    Am I onto something by accident?

    Hello everyone! I haven't posted in awhile being busy with family, work, new house, current(last) grow and all kinds of random things keeping me busy. HOWEVER I had came across something ive done unknowingly and its raising a lot of questions within my growing hobby/medicinal endeavors. I...
  11. P

    First time - Greenhouse - Need help please

    Hi there, Need some help with a few things, hopefully you guys can help out. Firstly, for a greenhouse, what sort of carbon filter or air cleaning device can be used? Greenhouse is 20 feet x 10 feet, possibly 10 feet high as well (not sure), with 6 plants inside, one of which is "skunk"...
  12. S


    Does anyone know what this is? And how to treat it if something needs to be done?
  13. D

    Good bug or bad bug?

    My leafs are getting eaten by something. I'm not sure what. I check the back of most of them and don't see much. I did find one caterpillar on my plant but it wasn't that big (yet). I think something else is eating the leafs. Most new growth is nice and healthy, but older leafs are meals for...
  14. J

    is something eating my new growth?

    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
  15. J

    Newbie with high's?

    Used to smoke years ago. Now vaping cco and eating rso to deal with chronic pain, but more importantly anxiety. When use, I end up feeling like I want/need to do something, but my mind is going so many different directions, I cannot focus to complete a task. Is that couch lock, because I end up...
  16. O

    Old Fart's Grow

    After lurking around for a bit I decided to post a journal of my first grow. I am a bit uncomfortable with it but maybe someone could pick something out of it they could use. To start I should confess that I really am an old fart, I grew pot years ago ( 70s). In those days access to info is not...
  17. O

    I think I need some help

    this is my 30th day old super hash. it's my first growing and i'm not sure what happening, the leaves're getting yellow now. is it nitrogen deficiency or something, hope someone could tell me.
  18. H

    Cameras at drug testing facilities

    Went to take a DT a couple of days ago. Now Im use to cameras in the lobby but Ive never seen cameras through out the whole place. Now I heard that it is there to monitor the employees and if anything happens to happen that the facility has a record. Is this true or is there something else to...
  19. T

    12/12 from rooted clones

    is it too early for this to go strait to 12/12 I dont have extra veg room so I'm thinking of replanting them in 1L containers and put em with other's will it give me at least something? whats my opyions? I can leave them on 2 40w cfl-s for weak or so