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  1. A


    Sup all I grow hydroponics (RDWC). I'll be posting soon :thumb:
  2. D

    Fertilizing clones

    Greetings brothers and sisters! My question is... how soon do i start feeding nutrients to my clones? Thanks
  3. B

    My first DWC set up - Soon to be RDWC - What do you think?

    Just looking for input these are random seeds and I'm currently trying to learn when and how to tell the sex I'm pretty sure I have a good idea on what the pistols should look like. This box is 5ft tall 5 ft wide and 2 1/2 ft deep 300w led about to add one more 300w using advanced nutrients...
  4. S

    Sexing a plant

    I think I have a boy on my hands, but hard to tell. Is it too soon?
  5. M

    Next grow Crop King Seeds

    This next grow project I'm getting back down to my roots with Crop King Seeds. CKS long time standing. High ratings, and diligent customer service will be honered this winter by me. Because Early 90's late 2000's NYC was at the top. I give Canada the credit. I'm running nanulox 315, Phantom...
  6. BluePhoric

    BluePhoric's In Between Grows Journal

    While I decide when to start a new grow, and what to do... I'll post here if needed, instead of polluting my first grow journal (soon to be moved to completed journals) with things unrelated to that first grow. Next grow : I will either start growing 1 seed (Euphoria) soon, or wait until...
  7. G

    Hey you lot

    Finally joined :) got some girl scout cookies in flower atm will post pic soon :)
  8. A

    Newbie for east coast

    Hey tokers newbie here looking to start my first grow soon
  9. D

    Too soon to scrog?

    I'm on day 32 with this Blue Dream. Is it too soon to scrog? I'm not really sure when I should start it?
  10. T

    1200W 32"x32"x63" First Time Grow

    This is my first time grow, 3 gorilla glue#4 and 1 chronic purple from seed All have been transplanted into 1 cubic foot smart pots, are 3 weeks old at the start of this journal. They are being grown under a generic brand 1200watt LED in a 32"x32"x63" tent(the tent coming soon) with fox farm...
  11. A

    Too Soon To Flower?

    Greetings.. This is my first indoor grow, and my 3rd grow overall. Using a florescent tube and Cfl's for Veg. These are all baseed of different strains. (Swazi cross,Skunk and Greenhouse) The plants are about 1-2months old all germinated a week or 2 apart, I have about 10 in total, hoping for...
  12. vespertine

    Perpetual 420

    Greetings! So happy to have a forum I can learn so much from. I was the luckiest girl to have been gifted a swanky (to me) light & 3 adorable clones... however, I was completely unprepared as this was a surprise gift, and transplanted hydro babies into organic soil with wood chips/pulp and two...
  13. Scrogdawg

    When to top - Second cut?

    I topped this plant above the 4th node and I'd like to top each side once more as soon as possible do to height constraints in the room. What would be the appropriate time to do this again? . .
  14. U

    White Cookies

    Just germinated 2 days ago and they already sprouting tiny roots lol, im very excited how it looks soon im gonna post pics soon but tomorrow afternoon i think they ready to be in the soil.:thumb::yahoo:
  15. B

    Do I need to fix anything?

    Hey guys, So I missplaced my thread the first time I made it (i put it in FAQ) and because of that i'm not receiving many replies. Bubba Kush - First Time Grow There it is. I'll be posting another update soon If you guys know how i can move that thread to this forum that would be great...
  16. K

    CO: Cannabis Tourism Could Soon Come With A Little Bit Of Education From The State

    Cathy Ritter, director of the Colorado Tourism Office, told the Denver Post that Colorado.com could soon provide information about marijuana laws. "It's just good practice to make certain visitors have a good understanding, a good perception on what to expect when they come to visit any...
  17. Grow17

    Blueberry Gum - Question

    Has anyone grown this strain. It's supposed to grow well in colder environments, which is what's coming my way soon.
  18. J

    1st grow need help asap

    My leaves are starting to turn a dark brown orange color. The tips are also curling or falling off.. it started at the bottom and is working it's way up. Any help? Just ask and I'll show pics of the problem.
  19. D


    Wondering if drinking CBD tea (with no THC content) might yield a positive drug test. Have a test coming up soon and don't want to risk testing positive, obviously...
  20. C

    Ready For Harvest Soon?

    So my first indoor grow is going good. I am approaching harvest time. Any guess on how much longer I have? I read that harvesting early in the harvest window will yield a more cerebral high compared to a stoned body buzz when harvested late in the harvest window. I have decided to go early. My...