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  1. HashGirl

    Vaporizer Sponsors

    Does anyone know where I might find out whether 420 members get any sort of discount at a vaporizer sponsor's shop?
  2. J

    Help me please

    Week 5 flower tree sap sort of smell any ideas
  3. GrowInTheDark

    Does this look ready to harvest?

    Hi I've got a plant here, which is 8 weeks into flowering right now, its one of 6 bagseed, but this looks more mature than all the others, its some sort of kush i believe? What I want to know is if it looks ready to harvest.
  4. T

    Advice on lighting

    Hi was wondering would two gavitas 1000w be okay in a dr150 Tent what sort of ventilation would i need and so on thanks
  5. gr865

    Exodus Cheese & White Rhino Clones - Sort of a SOG

    The clones have the cabinet to themselves now! I removed the parents to these ladies, harvested the Exodus Cheese last Sunday an it's curing now. I've had the White Rhino in the dark since yesterday and will chop it this afternoon or tomorrow morning. I started this clone grow with 26 plants...
  6. lazyfish

    Pic - What is this discoloration?

    Hello and Happy New Year! I was hoping somebody might be able to have a look at this here leaf. It is sort of darker and shiny green/blue looking between the veins. The smaller leaves at the top of the photo are sort of deformed at the tips. Here is a (more) healthy leaf...