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  1. D

    Surprising effects from my last edible

    I made cannabis soup from from 2 fresh cannabis plants. They did not go thru the flowing stage. I had to turn them into a mother and a father since I discovered my municipality banned outdoor growing. More on that in a separate posting. The plants were a little over 2 months old. The boy was...
  2. LEDBud

    Raise lower or leave the pH alone during the flush? It needs to be tested

    Raise Lower or leave the PH alone during the flush ? The premise is adjusting the PH during the flush period will adjust the flavor profile toward sour for low PH or sweetness with Alkaline PH. I'm in the Final week of flush in dwc and was thinking how PH might effect the Buds final flavor...
  3. K

    This Cannabis Chef Serves Potzo Ball Soup At Shabbat Dinners

    It all started just two years ago with a cupcake and a domain name. Jeff, an Orthodox Jew from the Fairfax/West Hollywood neighborhood, was reeling from a crippling lawsuit he lost to his ex-wife. He had his own marketing firm where he worked with underwear companies, and was spending his...
  4. K

    Kushy Tomato Soup: A Heartwarming Classic Goes Modern

    Entering the crisp autumn months leads to cravings for certain comfort foods. And when winter finally rolls around, childhood memories rush in with the scent of soup made from scratch, each spoonful bringing a sense of home and hearth. There is nothing more soothing than a warm bowl of comfort...
  5. K

    Spice Up The Night With Bud-Imbued Drunken Pumpkin Soup!

    Taking advantage of seasonal vegetables offers up valuable nutrients specific to the season, while simultaneously adding a festive element we've all grown to love. Nothing says autumn like the fresh orange glow from a pumpkin, hand-picked from the patch. A staple for fall, the pumpkin has become...