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sour cream

  1. T

    Dna Genetics Sour Cream and Cannadential Feminized

    Hi all!!! Just wrapping up my sage grow which will be done in 3 weeks (will post pictures in the next few days of the progress) then I'm moving onto Sour cream and Cannadential from Dna genetics.... Here's the specs of the grow system I'm employing.... 1)240 watt Envirolight fluorescent...
  2. mongol

    Northern Lights & Sour Cream 150W CMH Soil by Mongol 2011

    Hi everyone! I would like to introduce my 3rd garden. I hope you're all gonna enjoy. Important: All units are in METRIC (European) units! strains: 1XNorthern Lights FEM from White Label 1XSour Cream FEM from DNA Genetics (Original Sour Diesel X G13 Haze; mostly sativa) both plants...
  3. LilJah

    Sour Cream with a Side of Lowryder

    Heeey everyone. Its LilJah. This is my second documented grow. First one was frickin Autos. Complete waste of my time. Hey...i got some serious kinks out the way. Ok Facts. Strain: Sour Cream Fem. (Dinafem i think) Soil or Hydro: Soil. Fow Farms Ocean Forest (fxck Miracle Grow) Light: T5 CFL...
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