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sour deisel

  1. Capt420

    My first bud: When can I harvest?

    Hello everyone! After a year's worth of failed attempts, I finally have a normal looking bud. Strain is sour diesel. It's a clone but i planted the mother from seed. I got the seed from MSNL. Out of maybe 5 seeds, only 1 sprouted and I got this clone from that plant. I cloned via a DIY cloner...
  2. Syko420

    First Outdoor Grow

    2 unknown and one sour deisel 2 month and 7 days in Veg outdoor Soil pro-mix bx 3.9gallon buckets thinking of upsizing and adding drainage rock on the bottom of bigger pot greenhouse temp during the day bout 40c been using 20-20-20
  3. Veg Area.jpg

    Veg Area.jpg

    GSC, Sour D, Death Star, Plasma 5,10,13, KickFlip 1-5, Cotton Candy Kush, Bruce Banner,Headband.
  4. Pull and Snap

    Pull and Snap

    Gonna make some cartridges, and dab some with my enail.
  5. Purpsmagurps

    Purps' Perpetual: DIY 800W & 350W LED, 9x6, COCO/DTW & RDWC

    Hello 420MAG, Getting ready for a record run here, starting to warm up so my garage grow room is being cleaned out. got my air stones all cleaned, about to take apart my dwc buckets and scrub them. will be replacing my 1 inch bulkheads with 2 inch pvc pipe bulkheads so I dont clog. I have a 4...
  6. 29BCC7DB-03EB-4406-939C-FFB9ED445E21.jpeg


  7. B

    Week 5 Flower On A Few

  8. B

    Sour D & White Cookies

    New grower here and what better place to start than 420 mag. Let me tell you a little about my setup. Grow Tent - 4'x4'x8' Lights- P600 Watt Led 6" Mountain Air carbon filter 6" inline fan Soil - fox farms mixed with 50% perlite Seeds are from crop kings feminized sour diesel & white...
  9. Hugh Splith

    1 Strain - 4 Pots - 500 Grams

    This will be my 3rd attempt at growing bud. I had 6 plants in my last grow (see my last thread) and finished with a measly 16 grams of smoke worthy bud, but it was a 3 and half month crash course on growing for me and I learned a lot. This time around I have more confidence, knowledge and time...
  10. hfpuEF


    Is there a strain of Sour Deisel called Brown Deisel?
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