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  1. Shot Of My Cross

    Shot Of My Cross

    Kalashnikova x Sour Diesel
  2. Purpsmagurps

    6x9ft White Cookies - Sour Diesel 8 Pot Scrog In CoCo

    Hey there. I am returning again with a new grow journal. I have a 6x9x8 room that I built for my last run that I intend to run a drain to waste 4x8 flood table with 3 gallon plastic pots on an auto drip system. I have white cookies in mind again for this grow, but haven't committed yet. will be...
  3. C

    Clones & Seeds In Coco Side By Side

    I have started my 2nd grow about 3 weeks ago. 9 Huckleberry clones were planted into 2 ltr fabric pots filled with coco on the 31st January. Addiontially 1 heavyweight, green ninja seed was planted a week later into again a 2ltr fab pot with coco. And then a few days later 2 x sour diesel by...
  4. farside05

    Weed So Easy A Child Can Do It? By Farside05 & Son - OG, Sour D & White Widow

    After a bit of a break, the tent is back open for business but under new management. Here is the deal. My son has an interest in relocating and working in a commercial greenhouse. I support him in his decision if he chooses to do so, but he doesn't have a bunch of experience. He's seen it...
  5. Freakzilla

    Freakzilla - 1st Grow This Decade - Sour Diesel & Super OG Kush

    So I'm starting a grow soon. I haven't tried growing since the 90's when it wasn't legal and it was in a closet with the poorest of tools. I've gone ahead ordered a tent, light, and a filter. Below I will list all of the equipment. I'm happy to take any input from the hive mind, as long as you...
  6. Y

    Sour Diesel LST - Forum opinions on my LST baby

    Hey guys. I wanted to hear from you guys about my baby , 39 days from seed. what do you think? does it look healty or do you guys have any opinions to make it more efficient? Sour Diesel feminised from ilgm september 3 sprout topped two times ~210 w cfl - 18/6 schedule bio bizz...
  7. Dothedew1984

    First Grow! Sour Diesel Crop Kings Fem & 3 Master Kush Clones

    Still looking to find how to add pics
  8. Stansama

    Stan's First Soil Sour Diesel Grow! 2017

    Hello members and guests! My name is Stan, I'm a new grower and member here and decided it would be fun to document my first grow as I've enjoyed reading other journals. I was born and raised in Maine, and have been using marijuana for about 14 years for recreational and self medicated use to...
  9. 420madmanmad

    Sour Diesel & Crown Royale - Madman's Grow Continued

    Sour Diesel: Type: Indoor Growing: Moderate Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks Indica/Sativa: Sativa Hybrid Effect: Spiritual Uplifting THC: Medium-High THC%: 18.50% Laboratory Report THC Chart CBD: 0.80% Laboratory Report CBD Chart CBN: 0.40% Laboratory Report Country: United States Yield...
  10. C

    First Ever Grow & Grow Journal - 600W HPS - Advice Welcome

    Thank you and Welcome, My first grow eva. Getting in to the 5th week of veg. day 28 I'm taking care of 3 girls, 2 autos and one fem. Got em from Royal Queen Seeds on dec.22.2016. Put them in a wet paper towel to germinate on the 23rd. They sprouted the nxt day after which ive put them...
  11. Imagine420

    First Grow!- Humboldt Amherst Sour Diesel - Scrog - Advice Welcome!

    First time grower here! Seeds arrived from discreet seeds, very cheap, discreet and they arrived within 5 days. I was skeptical at first but after this i will recommend them to anyone looking to order some. Seeds: 1 Fast Buds Girl Scout Cookies Autoflower 1 Fast Buds Gorilla Glue Autoflower...
  12. R

    Sour Diesel fan leaves turning purple & yellow

    Hello all, I have a problem with my plant.. Sour diesel 2 months and 5 day in veg state. I main line it donno if this is relevant but the leaves are turning purple and yellow. I have read that i might be missing magnesium. So i bought and added 2,5g magnesium untill now to the plant and it...
  13. B

    CB Dutch Treat vs Sour Diesel and Bubba Kush

    And taking an early lead is.... View image in gallery
  14. U

    Grape Ape x Sour Diesel - SOG - Soil - Organic

    Bucket Size - 1 true gallon Medium - 25% perlite 25% coco 50% fox farm ocean forest Lights - 400w Hps cool tube Strain(s) - 2 phenos from a grape ape sour diesel cross # of Plants: 12 First grow journal not first grow. Growing out two best phenotypes from a cross between grape ape and...
  15. farside05

    Farside05's OG Kush & Sour Diesel Photo Grow

    After three rounds with autos, I'm dipping my toes in the photo pool. I started off all the seeds in Jiffy pellets this go round. 100% germination success rate but 2 of them didn't know which way was up and the tap roots were sticking straight up out of the ground. Gently pulled them out...
  16. K

    Kauai Grower's LED Farm

    Aloha All, Just harvested my first crop in the new grow room. There were four mostly sativa strains. Blue Dream, Utopia Haze, Sour Diesel and Girl Scout Cookie (I think). Room: 13'X15' sealed room. Air conditioned with de-humidifier. Temp at 75 RH 50. At the back of the room is a 4X8 grow...
  17. B

    First Grow Journal - Sour Diesel - OG Kush

    Hey everybody, I'm a first time grower and a first time grow journalist. Been getting tips from the page since the day I came up with the crazy idea to turn a 2'5" x 2' x 8' closet into a little grow space, so after a couple months of reading other people's journals I said fuck it and decided to...
  18. Anonurse

    What is the problem with my seedling?

    Hello everybody! I just registered to this forum. As an introduction, I'm a young male nurses. I want to change the stigma surrounding MJ (especially in the medical field). This is my first grow, and I need urgent help. I'm legally growing 3 Sour Diesel seedlings; they germinated about 1 week...
  19. 2

    Best strain vote

    Here's the Poll Guys and Gals. Jack Herrer Sour diesel Grand daddy purple
  20. A

    Help! Topping gone wrong

    I just topped my auto sour d from dinafem seeds, and I accidentally off the one of the two lower leaves below the new growth. I was wondering if cutting the other off will improve the recovery speed. I'm new to this guys and I'm still learning so if you guys have any tips those will definitely...