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sour diesel

  1. 20181027_081425.jpg


    Sour Diesel in cure bags.
  2. 20181019_083158.jpg


    Still lots left after 10 hours of trimming.
  3. 20181019_151116.jpg


    Washed & trimmed nug. Sour Diesel.
  4. 20181001_090934.jpg


    Jack's bean stalk!
  5. 20181005_104730.jpg


    Sour Diesel reaching for the sky.
  6. 20181016_082841.jpg


    Sour Diesel ready for harvest.
  7. 20181003_082310.jpg


    Sour Diesel under garden umbrella.
  8. 20181003_084150.jpg


    Sour Diesel at 80 days flower.
  9. 20181003_075311.jpg


    Sour Diesel day 80 of flower.
  10. 20181001_090934.jpg


    Sour Diesel maybe 2 weeks away from harvest.
  11. 20181001_091027.jpg


    Sour Diesel fattening up!
  12. BeezLuiz

    BeezLuiz & Liquidintel's Outdoor Grow 2018

    Hey There :cool:, We're 2/3 of the way through our first grow, but I thought I would share a recap of our progress as we near the end of our flowering cycles. Info: Outdoor grow in SF Bay Area, CA One plant each of 5 different strains. Clones were purchased from our local dispensary: Dream...
  13. vyserage

    Mars 1600, RDWC 80F-86F, 4 Strains, 6 Plants, 4x4

    This should be quite a ride! Hope you guys enjoy the show! Tent: 48x48x96 (4x4) Light: Mars 2 1600 Fans: 1 large oscillating fan, 1 inline fan for bringing in air on bottom. 1 small 6' fan up top to pull air out. Inline fan on the bottom creates a nice positive pressure to blow out the hotter...
  14. Shot Of My Cross

    Shot Of My Cross

    Kalashnikova x Sour Diesel
  15. PHOTO_20180328_180014.jpg


    Harvest colors.
  16. Purpsmagurps

    6x9ft White Cookies - Sour Diesel 8 Pot Scrog In CoCo

    Hey there. I am returning again with a new grow journal. I have a 6x9x8 room that I built for my last run that I intend to run a drain to waste 4x8 flood table with 3 gallon plastic pots on an auto drip system. I have white cookies in mind again for this grow, but haven't committed yet. will be...
  17. C

    Clones & Seeds In Coco Side By Side

    I have started my 2nd grow about 3 weeks ago. 9 Huckleberry clones were planted into 2 ltr fabric pots filled with coco on the 31st January. Addiontially 1 heavyweight, green ninja seed was planted a week later into again a 2ltr fab pot with coco. And then a few days later 2 x sour diesel by...
  18. farside05

    Weed So Easy A Child Can Do It? By Farside05 & Son - OG, Sour D & White Widow

    After a bit of a break, the tent is back open for business but under new management. Here is the deal. My son has an interest in relocating and working in a commercial greenhouse. I support him in his decision if he chooses to do so, but he doesn't have a bunch of experience. He's seen it...
  19. Freakzilla

    Freakzilla - 1st Grow This Decade - Sour Diesel & Super OG Kush

    So I'm starting a grow soon. I haven't tried growing since the 90's when it wasn't legal and it was in a closet with the poorest of tools. I've gone ahead ordered a tent, light, and a filter. Below I will list all of the equipment. I'm happy to take any input from the hive mind, as long as you...
  20. Y

    Sour Diesel LST - Forum opinions on my LST baby

    Hey guys. I wanted to hear from you guys about my baby , 39 days from seed. what do you think? does it look healty or do you guys have any opinions to make it more efficient? Sour Diesel feminised from ilgm september 3 sprout topped two times ~210 w cfl - 18/6 schedule bio bizz...