sour og

  1. Agemon

    818 Headband AKA Sour OG

    Strain Name - 818 Headband / Sour OG From - I grew this as a clone from a local grower. My garden is currently all plants made from that same clone. When I most recently harvested mid June of 2017. I've currently got two more in flower. Price I don't know what the going rate is, for...
  2. Agemon

    Sour OG Clones Indoor Soil, 2017

    Well, here goes...! I picked up a few Sour OG clones about a week ago. Unfortunately, one of the ladies was damaged in transport so I immediately tried the cloning method I'm familiar with and put her in a Bio-Dome. She has been in there for 10 days now and I'm not sure if she's rooting, but...
  3. N

    3 Kings

    aka Sour OG Strain Name: Three Kings Grade: A+ Medical Type: Sativa Dominant Hybrid OG Looks:Orange hairs, tons of crystals, large geometrically unique nuggets. Smell: Sour OG, sweet, musky, earthy and intoxicating. Taste: Sour, earthy and sweet...different taste tones when...
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