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  1. Mama TK

    Mama TK

    After the rain and topped. Note the broken branch. I need to tidy up her vegging and harvest more ripe seed today.
  2. September 2019 Lions Head Outdoor Grow

    September 2019 Lions Head Outdoor Grow

    Seedlings put to sprout 2 to 2 1/5 weeks ago include two different Swaz bagseed, Blueberry, Malawi bag and aMaphondo. I am hoping to add a couple more this season.
  3. Carmen Ray

    Hemp In A South African Context 2019: The Road To New Legislation

    Greetings all. This is more of a question than anything else. Let me frame it. I am hearing conflicting accounts on whether it is viable to grow hemp for biomass in South Africa or not. There is this thesis written by Camilla Coogan for a Masters at Stellenbosch University: The South African...
  4. Studley's Big Day

    Studley's Big Day

    Studley popped a load before I could catch powder. Thank you to @[329419:@Lerugged] for letting me have a sample of the deadly. Here's to Springtime
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