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  1. F

    Fede's CBD Auto Cheese - Containers - Soil - Outdoor

    Hello everyone, Here's my attempt at a thorough grow journal for my 3 CBD Auto Cheese babies from Crop King Seeds in Vancouver I am raising them in 20 gallon plastic containers with a mix of soil (from cow pasture)/sand/vermiculite/sphagnum The have at the present a pair of cotyledons, first...
  2. F

    Fede's Auto Fem White Widows - Containers - Soil - Outdoor

    Hello everyone! Here's my first attempt at a Grow Journal. It will devoted to 2 Auto Fem White Widow seedlings from seeds purchased from Crop King Seeds in Vancouver. 100% germination. Radicules appeared within 12 hours of (glass water + paper towel method), and grew to over half inch...
  3. LSDHedgehog

    Very Late Southern Hemisphere Terrace Grow From Bagseed - Complete N00b

    With some of the recent developments regarding marijuana cultivation here in SA, I decided to put some beans in some damp toilet paper to see where it goes... Now since then I've been reading up SIGNIFICANTLY more, and have been lurking on various forums (which led me here - awesome vibe, btw)...