1. noobnoob

    I am confused about lights and height of lights and much much more, first time growing

    Hello 420 magazine, This is my first time growing , my plant seems ok but i am confused about everything. I am growing in my 2.6(80cm) x 1.6 ( 49cm) x 5.4feet (166cm),i bought 3 x 54w 6000k leds for veg . Now to my questions. I dont know if i have enough room for my plant and if i need more...
  2. u tell me. i don't like amber. she's done, to my taste.

    u tell me. i don't like amber. she's done, to my taste.

    it's about space and time; relativity, or twilight zone?!
  3. jimbobdaz

    Show us your sacred space!

    There are a lot of different growing techniques/styles but also the grow space... i am interested in seeing how everyone designs/copes with the space they have. Fire away... size doesn`t matter :popcorn: So here is mine ;)
  4. F

    CO2 question

    I have a small 3x2x6 foot space. 650watt led staged grow light with a 4" carbon filter and speed adjusted inline fan. I also brew wine. If I ran a line from my 5 gal carboy to the grow space. Would I see any benifit to the plant in terms of adding co2 or is it just a waste of time? Thanks
  5. Lucifer86

    Completed The Chicken Coup, Rooster's Farm Affiliate, DWC Bucket Grow

    Haopy Holidays finaly taking the time to start up my new grow journal, Former GC forum user here.i utilize my spare bathroom in my shower to obtain a 4ft by 2ft bloom space at 4ft high. And veg space on bottom at 3 ft high. Im only a year in and am begining to discover the...
  6. D

    Flowering & budding seems behind schedule - Temperature? Light?

    I've got three plants in flower since October 20th, so as of 12/8 coming up on week 7/day 50. The buds just don't look as big as what I've seen (generally) in grow journals that are at this stage. I'm guessing it could be two things: temperature, since it's been averaging low 60s and...
  7. M

    120w LED on 5gal space bucket - Is it enough?

    Like the title say... with tight space & budget (for personal use), this is the best I can get using LED setting. any thought?
  8. T

    SunPlusUSA Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale

    Grow with the Sun 11/23/2017 Click Here to Purchase This is a 5x5 space P6 COB Only P6 5w...
  9. BigMauka

    Abandoned BigMauka's First Closet Grow

    Aloha! This is my first grow and I'm extremely excited! I honestly didn't have the space for a tent so I cleared a closet and modified it accordingly. I'm giving it a shot. -----The Setup----- Space: small closet Light: viparspectra 600w and a 36w red led for some help with the red...
  10. Ron Strider

    CA: Cannabis Yield To Increase Dramatically For Sunset Island Group

    Sunset Island Group, Inc. announced today that the company has begun a retrofit to their current grow space that will significantly increase the amount of cannabis product produced with each harvest. CEO T.J. Magallanes stated, "The obvious solution to increasing the number of pounds of...
  11. SweetSue

    Completed SweetSue Showcases The GROWant GR240 - Lighting Up A 2x2

    A couple weeks ago Tortured Soul recommended me for a sponsored grow with one of the LED panels our newest sponsor, GROWant, was attempting to place with members who would be in a position to document a complete grow. They were seeking someone with a 2'x2' tent for the smallest model, The G240...
  12. T

    To top or not to top

    I'll be starting an indoor grow of a hybrid from CKS called White Cookies. Planning on doing just 3 at a time as my space is roughly only 6sq/ft. I'll be using LEDs so I can put the light fairly close to the canopy(12-24 inches). Would topping or FIMing my plants in such a small space be...
  13. onewarmguy

    Buds in Space!

    Astronaut Chris Hadfield testing marijuana in space. Apparently they delivered "640 seeds of a flowering weed used for research" on the Dragon resupply rocket, Hadfield was up there 166 days, wonder what kind of yield he got in a weightless environment. :thumb: ]
  14. Old Hippy 127

    Sharing the space

    So, I'm in my grow room, imagining several weeks down the road, and patting myself on the back, when suddenly this small UFO does a tight circle around my head and heads back out the door into the basement! Apparently I will be sharing this space with a common brown bat. I'm OK with that. Eat...
  15. MackMcMacMac

    Question about first grow in space bucket with bag seed

    Hi! New member here. :) I started my first grow using bag seed, so I don't know yet if I've got a female or whether it's autoflowering or photoperiod. I'm using a 5-gal space bucket set-up with 4x 23w CFLs (18/6) & supersoil (I have a 180w UFO LED ready to go for flowering). It's coming up on...
  16. I

    Professional opinion wanted on grow

    Hello people, i have a few grows under my belt and looking to maximize my 2x1.2x2 tent. Looking at a possibility of doing a scrog in canna coco pro with a+b and pk 13/4. Not had a grow in a while and no clones available so would be buying a 10 pack of feminised and taking a clone of the best of...
  17. G

    Need Help Building A DIY Light

    Hello Fanleaf's, JimmyJames905 and All, First of all thanks for putting up this great DIY Light. It's my first time stumbling on to DIY. I am amaze with yours work and you got me totally hook onto having one DIY Light. Yet, I am a newbies in COB and Led overall. Please advice me on equipment's...
  18. Ron Strider

    OR: Serra Cannabis Dispensary In Portland Features Greenhouse-Like Display Cases

    Portland studios OMFGCo and JHL Design have designed a minimal interior for this store that sells recreational marijuana. Serra – a self-proclaimed "modern druggist" – opened in July 2016, after the state of Oregon legalized the recreational use of cannabis products in October 2015. The owners...
  19. Q

    Amount of CFLs needed for 4'x4' grow space

    How many watts needed per sq ft for CFLs I have 8 plants and 700 watts in a 4x4 space Also how close should they be and should I use reflectors or just plugs or a mix?
  20. S

    Pot Size For Mothers & Clones

    Hi guys! SOG is really interesting! I am wondering what pot sizes did you guys use for both - the mother and the clones. I have stated my "ideal size" below, but am 100% receptive for your input!! Small info about space The veg space is sufficient, but not limitless. The flower space is 80 x...
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