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  1. 519GrowLabs

    519 Grow Labs: Soil, White Widow & Jack Herer, SoG

    Plant Stage: Vegetation - Week 2 Background on the seeds: White Widow (WW) - I purchased these seeds from the Vancouver Lift Expo in 2017. I hung onto these until now. I germinated 3 out of the 5 seeds for 100% successful germination. I still have 2 left as well as 4 other packs of different...
  2. G

    First grow

    Using a space bucket with CFL's. Northern lights. Probably at least 2 grams when done drying and curing. We will see.
  3. T

    Tony's - Soil - 5 Gallon Spacebucket - 144W CFL - SFV OG

    8 bulbs. 4-13w soft white and 4-23w daylight bulbs. 5 gallon buckets and miracle grow soil.
  4. T

    Autoflower Blueberry - 1st Grow

    Hello all, I've decided the best way for me to keep track of my 1st grow would be to use this awesome forum. Any suggestions, criticisms, or general information you guys choose to share is much appreciated! Grow Information: Strain: Autoflower Blueberry - AutoBlueberry has quickly become the...
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