1. F

    CMH HPS Light spacing

    New to :420:, hello all, happy farming.. I have a light spacing question. I have a 1000 watt air cooled in between 2 CMH 315s. They are within a few inches of one another, I am trying to deliver a heavy mixed spectrum to all plants in my 8x5 table. Will this be too much light for the...
  2. J

    Bubbas Gift - Amazingly close node spacing - Short short plants!

    Just wanted to post the progress on these, I can't believe how short this strain is. Quite bushy and a great low profile. Also the nodes on them are so close, very low spacing between them. Have a lemon chunk growing next to them and the spacing is at least 2-3 times that of the Bubbas Gift.
  3. Y

    How big of a light do i need

    Hey all, just a small question i built a small box apx. 4' tall x 3.65' wide x by 2.5 deep its a hydro system with water res under the system to leave more growing room. I just bought a floralux 150W HPS with a Powerful 16,000 lumen output Is this big enough? thanks "YOOPERPOT" ~Jim:thankyou:
  4. willieG

    Question about lighting

    I have twelve 400watt hps ballast and lights these are regular shop lights, and ballasts. the lights are vertical unlike the fixtures Ive seen here that are horizontal. i only plan to use one light for now because of room and energy. anyway the question is are these lights sufficient for...
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