1. M


    Located in Barcelona, Spain, I am passionated about traveling and CBD. Always looking for innovations, new CBD flowers and experts opinions. I am looking forward to reading you
  2. Kosher-Kush

    Searching for Marijuana job in Europe or USA

    Hello everyone. I am a 27 year weed grower from Bulgaria. I grow since 2007. I have 8 years outdoor between (10-15 plants a year) and 5 years indoor expirience (under 4 KW lights and 20-30 plants a year). I got busted last year with 1 pound. I got two and a half years suspended sentence. I...
  3. M

    Ready to harvest? Hi new to this! Any ideas - Outdoor grow in Spain

  4. S

    Hello from Spain

    Hi all Southern Spain here.Nice to be here
  5. Ron Strider

    The Booming Business Of Cannabis In Spain

    In Spain, thanks to the success of the "clubs" that have cropped up since 2011, cannabis has become a gold mine. From by-products such as cannabis lollipops and drinks, to specialised clinics and tourism, an entire economy has flourished around the plant, even though its production remains...
  6. Katelyn Baker

    Spain Finally Decriminalizes Marijuana

    This makes perfect sense. Why doesn't the American government follow suit and legalize all plants? Praguepot reports that, "You can now legally grow cannabis in Spain. This is massive news for medical growers, patients and those looking for a healthy alternative to alcohol. Spain has always...
  7. K

    Hello from Spain!

    Hi everyone, how are ya? I'm from the UK but living in Spain and I've recently decided to venture into growing my own with some AF seeds. Look forward to speaking with you all! K
  8. C

    Want To Smoke Marijuana In Spain? Join A Club

    I've left France for Bulgaria, where I'm meeting with my TV crew. But first, a few thoughts on my earlier experience in Spain. Cannabis Club Choko is a discreet, simple, and tasteful lounge in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter. Its members relax any night of the week to enjoy the privileges of being a...
  9. F

    Completed A Challenging Grow - Newbie Growing With LEDs

    Hey! This is my attempt on a journal documenting this incredible learning experience. I did not start this journal back when we ("we" is me and my wife) planted the seeds so I have to back-date most events in this journal. I named this journal "A Challenging Grow" since this is exactly what it...
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