1. N

    Abandoned 2nd Grow - 2xKush & 2xDiesel Autos - 600W LED & 200-600W HPS - CocoCoir

    Hi all, Getting ready for the next grow. Below is what I will be using. I'll probably run the autos on 18/6. Will be germinating the seeds in jiffy pots then transplanting jiffypots with seedling directly into grow medium. Strain I'll be growing: Kush Auto by Seedsman Diesel Automatic...
  2. 28 Grams

    Will switching to a 11/13 light cycle speed up the flowering process?

    I'm on a limited time frame, my plants are in week 6 of flower and I need to end the grow in 3 weeks. Soil, 1 gallon pots, Indica, FoxFarm Nutrients, Bud Candy, and Hawaiian Bud & Bloom. My runoff PH was 6.5 a couple nights ago. Will switching to 11 light/13 dark speed up the process...
  3. mackdaddyerb

    TD Silent with Speed Controller less than 20db?

    Has anyone heard of the TD Silent range inline fans? Their 8" model has 3 levels : 90/92/102 W at these noise levels : 21/24/28 DB You can also get a speed controller for it by SP, meaning you could make it even more quiet, below 20DB - thats insane Has anyone used one...
  4. S

    Cup Grow

    I've seen a couple pictures of people growing plants in solo cups, the hole way thru to harvest. I plan on doing some more of my own research on the actual process as I'm sure its been talked about before. What I'm hoping to get here is some suggestions on strains, I'm thinking something...
  5. G

    Inline Fan & Filter Pairing

    Hey All, Thank you for this site and all the knowledge to be found within. I have a 25cf tent, with a 300 watt LED (185 true watts) I was looking at a 4" inline fan (170 cfm) which I was going to get a filter with similar cfm (200) I was planning on hooking that to a variable speed controller...
  6. F

    Fan Controller & Fan Choice Question

    Hi Guys, Just a quick one. I ordered the Evolution Digital Fan Speed Controller to run my Rhino twin speed fan. Apparently you are not supposed to run the twin speed version with a controller... Can anyone shed some more light on this for me? Is it totally impossible to run? What problems...
  7. A

    How to speed up growth

    Hi all, newbie here. I'm growing my first plant. It's indoors with LED lighting. It's afghan or afghan skunk. Anyway, it's taking a ridiculously long time to grow, it's been months. I have buds grown but the pistule type things wont go cloudy. I'm in Australia, sunrise at 6am, sunset at 8pm...
  8. F

    150mm RVK to a 100 filter?

    Hi there i was wondering, can i use a 150mm fan with a reducer down to an 100mm carbon filter i was going to fit a varispeed plug to the fan to adjust speed is this ok i just think a 150mm filter is overkill but a 150mm fan came cheap, is this ok to do, input welcome
  9. clusterz

    Planning a small growing area - I'm open to suggestions and corrections

    Hi! I'm trying to set up an indoor growing area for the spring. My constraints are : it is a small space that is very close to a living space. Ideally, it should be as silent as possible. There will be two areas: 1. a small cupboard with T55 fluorescent lights which is the cloning and...
  10. J

    Speed up ripening?

    Hi I have a Blue Dynamite in flowering start of week 6, on 12/12. Due to a dry spell and being poor I might have to harvest early. Looking for ways to ripen my buds faster. Right now she only has one or two red hairs, one or two more ambering, but definitely 99% white hairs. Lots of...
  11. H

    Low humidity - Fan too fast

    So I'm helping my friend with her first grow, and since I'm a virgin at this too, it's kind of like the blind leading the blind. But I read and research a lot so hopefully we can get something to harvest before we kill everything. Anyway, she has a grow tent, ( I think it's 4.5' x 4.5' x...
  12. Oddnonsmoker

    Forum Speed and Server Side Compression

    Being a user with a relatively slow connection, this site takes a while to load, especially in picture threads. While those with high speed DSL connections would only wait a second to load the front page, it takes me a much longer time. I don't know too much about computer programming, but...
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