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    Canada: Landlord Penalized After Revealing Renter's Medical Cannabis Grow-Op

    A Kamloops landlord found his coverage cancelled after he had informed his insurer that one of his renters was growing medical marijuana within the property. The experience left property owner Darryl Spencer rushing to secure insurance due to the complicated way insurers, and even the federal...
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    FL: Medical Marijuana Debate Continues As Lawmakers Consider Rules

    Bradenton - Although more than 71 percent of Florida's voters legalized medical marijuana in the November election, uncertainties remain about how the state will regulate it and whether, in the long term, those 6.4 million residents made the right call. At a Manatee Tiger Bay Club forum on...
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    CA: Monterey Co. Gets Feedback On Medical Marijuana Legalization

    Monterey County is working on a permanent ordinance to allow medical marijuana to be grown and sold in unincorporated areas. "Because of our climate and our soils and our land, there's a demand to allow for cultivation," said Craig Spencer, Monterey County associate planner. In July 2015...