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spider mites bugs help

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    First Grow Help! Nutrient Burn, Deficiencies?

    Hey All! first time grower here. strain: was told “cookies” by my brother. (Seeds were free so didn’t fuss) Watering ph: 6.3-6.4 Runoff ph: 6.7ish Soil: coco with perlite Nutes: 3ml calmag, 8ml FF Buds&Blooms, 40ml FF big bloom with 3/4 gal water. Water Ph’d with Apple cider vinegar/baking...
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    spider mites near harvest in Cancer patient Meds

    Hello, I am new to the forum. I grow a small indoor crop of 6 plant @ 2-3' tall for my wife's medicinal use (wife has the C word) and I went to check on the ladies tonight and found webs on several tops. 3 plants of "The White" and 3 of Sky Walker OG . They all looked healthy two week ago...
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    help just found spider mite damage on plants

    OMG I knew somethign was going wrong a few days ago but did not know what. I just read a great article on here about pest with great photos of them and the damage they do and sure enough when you look with the naked eye or with the microscope it IS spider mite damage. SCREAM.......Is there any...
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