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spider mites

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    Spraying Natural Insectizidal Soap - Pistils Turned Brown

    I had a MASSIVE spidermite problem so I sprayed all my plants good with natural insecticidal soap, including the flowering ones. I know that "usually" you shouldn't spray anything on flowering plants, but I did it after reading the instructions and it says the soap is all natural, non-toxic and...
  2. G

    Spider Mites or New Grower Paranoia? Please advise

    I'm on day 21 of my first grow. I noticed over the past few days what appear to be spider mites but I'm a new grower and aware I might just be paranoid... Can someone advise if they look healthy? I want to transplant them into a bigger container this weekend but not sure if that...
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    Spider Mites! Best Solution

    This is my first grow so its a steep learning curve for me. I have a small CGE garden with a handful of Sour D plants in 1 gallon pots They all seem to be healthy and doing well but i should have recognized the occasional speckled leaves. A few leaves here or there would die on me but i assumed...
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    New And Needing Advice On Sick Plant

    Hello Everybody I am a new grower and all has been well for my plants up until a few days ago. All of my plants are mysteriously showing yellowing/browning. My White Widow and Venice Beach Afghan are showing pretty much green leaves for the new growth so I am assuming they will be ok. The...
  5. R

    First plants need help diagnosing

    Hello Everyone, I've posted a pick of what seems to be small whiteish spots on some of my leaves. They appeared on all my plants. I currently have 2 very new ones, and 1 that is progressing very well for the moment. I've given them the best soil I can find. The PH level is 7, I water them...
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    Help 3rd time growing and slight yellow leafs

    hi all thanks for reading, i have a grow going at the moment and all is well but some leaves are turning yellow and crisping up, im not sure what the problem is ive read a little but pictures all look the same for many dirrernt problems. i sprouted the seeds in airing cupboard in cotton...
  7. J

    Spider Mites

    Into ninth week of Indoor flowering. Saw spider mites and the webs around the buds last week. Sprayed with Pyritherim one times but few days later eggs must have hatched and saw more. Sprayed again and do not see any activity this week. Also sprayed with Amway LOC, Liquid Organic Concentrate...
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    Help with outdoor nutrient info

    We have been lowering the ph of our water for our outdoor grow with vinegar, which works just great! However, now it is time to add nutrients and want to know if the vinegar will affect the nutrients? Anybody want to toss something out there? I'll listen to any help you can give. Also, need...
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    Bugs = Big Problem

    Well my plants are about at 4 weeks now and i recently left for a camping trip this weekend for 3 days leaving them with a babysitter. Came back to find one of my two larger plants was almost entirely eaten (?). THey are grown outside and i use some guano to fertilize maybe once or twice a week...
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    Help help me please couple of questions about spider mites

    any reponses much app. i just harvested one of my babies was growing out in the yard and found out it was infested wit spider mites is there any way to save my lil crop
  11. IRON

    Help me help my ladies

    Please take a look at my pics. I thought the damage to my plant's leaves and stalks was spider mites. But after reading this it may be nute burn. After all I have Studied my leaves top and bottom with 100x microscope. For hours on end looking for movement, an have not seen any bugs. It also...
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    First time grower -- spider mites during flowering

    Greetings! I'm a first time grower, almost 4 weeks into 12-12 light cycle on a 4 month old Super Silver Haze mother plant. She's getting a 1/3 dose of Hygrozyme and Botanicare Flower Power 2-2-5 Bloom food twice a week, which is every watering. The temperature stays between 72-81F, and humidity...
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    whats the best way to control mites about 4wks in to flower? can i get the temp low enough to kill them?:rollit::thankyou:
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    High Altitude horticulture

    Any tips or problems I should look out for if I'm doing hydro over 10,000 feet? I can't use predator mites because they can't survive here, any other alternatives to non-pesticide SM control?
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    Help! Growth stunted leaves drying out and spindly

    Ok. So I am in currently in the second week of flowering. My leaves are drying up, some are curling under like talons, and on most of the older leaves the edges are all dried up. I just transplanted my girl into a 2 gallon pot 4 days ago, and used Organic Black Gold potting soil. I havent...
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    mites week 5 help!

    mani have some killer strains in week 5. i just noticed i have mites.. i had a crop before but not last...i used lady bugs and worked good.. is there anything i can use that will help in week 5? i am affraid to use neem due to taste.. is safer soap going to effect tatse this late? it is winter...
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