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  1. P

    Clones in 4x4 with Spider Farmer SF 4000

    Hello! I have a few clones in a 4x4 grow tent. Just transplanted them into soil. I have a spider farmer SF 4000. I have the light dimmed to 20 as of now with the light 3ft away from the clones.. Any advice on lighting, worried I won’t give them enough or too much. How much light to use? Any...
  2. Almost walked into this hitchhiker

    Almost walked into this hitchhiker

    Momma almost broke out her Ninja moves
  3. 20200716_141546.jpg


    Spider on plant but watching this webbing over a couple weeks, didnt progress so either spider did it or spider took care of who did it
  4. WW Auto protector

    WW Auto protector

    Little jumping spider protecting my white widow auto!
  5. C

    Please help - What is this

    I have speckes on my leaves not many but getting worse can anyone help
  6. Gardenseed

    Spider Mites & Saving My Crop

    So I was inspecting my girls last night. Changed the water in the reservoir to just plain water for the last two weeks of the harvest. One of the 5 was looking rather "droopy". Upon further inspection I discovered the ever infamous spider mite webs on the leaves. After considering the pros of...
  7. MackMcMacMac

    Do I have spider mites?

    First, the deets: Strain: auto/fem Tutankhamon (mostly sativa) from Pyramid Age: 32 days from sprouting Medium: FoxFarms Ocean Forest in 3-gallon felt pot inside a 5-gallon bucket (indoor grow) Water: Water in = pH 6, water out = pH 6. Source = dehumidifier collection Nutes: Added 0-10-10...
  8. 1stCavApache

    Question about bud washing

    Ok, so my first grow is on the early side of being ready to harvest. However, they both had and still have a spider mite issue. I pulled them a little early as there are 3 plants from my second grow in the same tent and I have found a few spider mites on them as well and want the big girls out...
  9. M

    Moss1310 SinMint Cookies Indoor Twilight Spider MCOB Soil Grow Journal- 2017

    Hello Everyone, Starting a small indoor grow of Sin City Seeds' SinMint Cookies. It's only my second indoor grow, so any tips will be greatly appreciated! I germinated 5 feminized seeds and all of them popped on March 15th. I'm going to use a small 2 x 4 tent, so will probably end up using...
  10. C

    Spider mites

    I'm new to growing and live in Toronto Canada. I have a spider mite problem and wondering if I should just kill my 6 plants and start over or buy some product to try and kill them. Please help me.
  11. F

    Advice needed! Plants slowly dying - Need help

    So my first grow after getting my long awaited license for growing my own medicine, started 3 months ago with these girls. Been doing great up until 3 weeks ago when i had a small spider mite problem. I took care of that with two treatments of bug b gone and maintaining with neem oil. Now have...
  12. E

    Evidence of spider mites before leaf damage?

    Gentlemen, Last summer I was plagued with the curse of the Mites----- I had this happen in a grow room that could have been infested from the out doors as it experienced high temps in the hot summer I did notice that the outbreak was after I found several leaves with a juicy sticky spot...
  13. L

    Is this spider mites?

    I noticed a few discolored leaves and the undersides of the leaves are showing little brown spots on them. I don't have the greatest magnifying tools so it's difficult to get up close to make a positive ID...I don't know of these are mites or maybe just nute burn..I'm trying to get a pic loaded
  14. A

    What are the main indoor pests to watch out for?

    Before there's a problem i need to buy things to take care of it. Sierra natural science spider mite spray seems to be a big seller for spider mites but what else should I be picking up? I also have a fly strip in my tent which has done a great job so far although I do have a few gnats still...
  15. Justones

    Spider mites or trippin?

    So I've suspected spider mites for a while. But never really seen them. Today I was flushing the pots with water. I got in close while the pot was draining & it had standing water. I seen tiny little white things twiching in the water. Then I swear a couple of them jumped once the water drained...
  16. H

    What kind of spidermite is that?

    Hi Fellas, I have a small grow room with 6 plants. All is different strains due to experimental purpose. I use coco and Canna products and some of Advanced Nutrients products for support. I used to add some Parker Neem Oil to prevent my plants against to bug or insect attacks but when I mixed...
  17. Desertrat60

    Help - Spider Mites & Thrips - Tobacco Juice Recipes?

    Hey all , I'm hoping for an intervention here . My first grow is dieing after 16 weeks in . Turns out I have Spider Mites and Thrips . I've been reading FAQ's and Pest Control threads . I've tried Dawn and water spraying , I saw them with brushes and towels , looks like they're having fun ...
  18. PTSDgrower

    PTSDgrower's Outdoor Adventures

    Promix/perlite Lighting: sun Strains: Yoda og from clone and everything else from seed: Berry bomb (2), Grape ape, Northern lights x Skunk #1, and Sour D PPM: 1000-1400 Floranova for 5 and 1 is getting nectar for the gods. Air temps: 85+ Humidity: Probably really high since there are in a green...
  19. J

    Spider mites late in flower

    As above... I am about 2 weeks from harvest and I just noticed I have spider mites. I have some Monterey ordered, but should I even do anything this close to harvest? What would you guys do? Any help would be great! Thanks!
  20. T

    Spider mite shower treatment help

    hi all, ive just started growing for the first time and have been coming here for all my information but ive got a question i cant find an answer to. Im growing indoors and recently ive found very fine spider webbing on my plants and have come to the conclusion i have a spider mite problem...
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