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  1. andIhalped

    Why I never spray for pests

    In my ragged corner of the continent, we usually have little problem with spider mites in normal summers, but we had a hot & dry one & in came the mites, not only on the cannabis, but just about everything else in the garden, too. I did my usual, hosing down on plants w/ water, which knocks...
  2. M

    Spiders! Someone please help!

    IMG_0924.jpg IMG_0923.jpg IMG_0917.jpg
  3. C

    Are spiders (not spider-mites) bad?

    I've noticed a couple of spiders in/around my grow. I know cob spiders are no problem, but I had one of those tiny black and whitish striped fast jumpy spiders crawling all over the place actually on my plant today. Just wondering if those spiders are anything to worry about? It didn't...
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