1. Spike69

    Completed Growing is way more fun,when I have at least 1 big plant to tend to

    right now I am growing 8 plants,biggest 1, 4 inches and I am finding myself not having as much fun or as gratifying as when I had at least 1 big plant I could go look at and see buds all over the smell of skunk in the air,a feeling of,oh I cant wait till I get home tonight and clip a small leaf...
  2. Spike69

    Completed 3rd grow going

    7-10 09 Well 3rd grow going good durban getting crystals and the 2 dwarf ganja are half way home,the durban I can let go on and on and on thats why I like the dwarfs in there helps patience,mines not patience to smoke its just I like to keep results rolling in.Bro is fine those of you who...
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