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  1. K

    MO: Local Lawmakers Sponsor Medical Marijuana Bills

    Jefferson City, Mo. - Two local lawmakers sponsored bills that would legalize medical marijuana in Missouri. State Rep. Jim Neely, R-Cameron, sponsored HB437 which would allow people with serious medical conditions to use medical marijuana. He said he supports medical marijuana after...
  2. thebeast27

    Sponsored Grow - Goliath & The Beast Auto Topping

    Well good day growers, followers, friends, and bros;) like to introduce u to my new sponsored grow.all welcome growers;).blackdiamond perfectsun goliath 1000 is the light.and im the beast;) this grow i will be growing autos and topping and training as i always do. got lots of test seeds to go...
  3. R

    Utah PolitiLinks: Medical Marijuana Bills Take Center Stage; Budget Numbers Released

    Debate: Medical marijuana bills After 90 minutes of debate and discussion, SB73 (sponsored by Sen. Mark Madsen, R-Saratoga Springs) made it past the second reading and will get a final Senate hearing. Madsen made seven amendments to the bill to resolve concerns, prompting a new statement from...