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  1. HashGirl

    Vaporizer Sponsors

    Does anyone know where I might find out whether 420 members get any sort of discount at a vaporizer sponsor's shop?
  2. 420

    420 Magazine: Ad Rate Card

    MISSION/HISTORY/INFO 420 Magazine was the very first online Cannabis Community Founded in 1993. We have existed solely to promote the repeal of all Cannabis prohibition laws and penalties throughout the world. Not another person should suffer incarceration or stigma because of these unjust...
  3. Gardenseed

    Lemon Haze - Is it a Medicinal strain?

    If anyone has any information on this strain, it would be greatly appreciated. I'm wondering were it comes from and if any sponsors carry any in there seed bank. Thanks in advance. Leo
  4. dubnation

    Looking for CBD seeds - Harlequin, ACDC, Nordle

    Hi folks, I've gone through ALL our seed sponsors sites and cannot find anyone with Harlequin and ACDC. Nordle, I've found through Seedsman, and they have some killer deals with CBD freebies, I may go ahead and get the CDB Crew's Nordle and Mango Haze to kick off my CBD run for the...
  5. K

    Sponsors Of Initiative To Legalize Marijuana Fail To Gather Enough Signatures

    Bismarck — Sponsors of an initiative aimed at legalizing marijuana in North Dakota failed to gather enough signatures by Monday's deadline to put the proposed measure on the Nov. 8 ballot, a sponsor said. Backers needed to submit at least 13,452 signatures to the secretary of state's office...
  6. pac-mon

    any UK sponsors?

    just wondering if there are any UK based sponsors and if so who they are.thanks :peace:
  7. F

    Herbie Rocks!

    So I ordered 3 10 packs from Herbie. 10% discount with code from the site.Wait, there's more free gift 6 feminized ,3 different strains and 10 Big Bud #2 regulars. 6 days to the middle of nowhere. 46 beans for ordering 30. Nice.
  8. 420

    Advertise Your Products To Our Targeted Audience

    Please contact our Sales Department via email sales@420magazine.com to learn how to become a 420 Sponsor. Thanks for your support of us and our mission to create Cannabis awareness to the world. :Namaste:
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