1. I

    Are football - Soccer - players allowed to smoke weed?

    Hi everyone My name's Ian. I work for a football website and recently we received a question from a player who was asking whether he can be banned for smoking weed by an anti doping agency. I know it's not the best idea for a professional football player to be a pothead but I wonder if it can...
  2. Katelyn Baker

    End The Ban On Marijuana In Sports

    In the last week we've heard from NBA legend Phil Jackson and Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr talking about their own marijuana use and how they think professional sports leagues like the NBA and NFL should change their marijuana policies. Marijuana should not be a banned substance...
  3. Katelyn Baker

    Taking Back Sunday - Redefining NFL's Views On Weed

    When Kyle Turley was selected with the seventh overall pick in the 1998 NFL draft, he was set along a path that is familiar to too many athletes. After sustaining a leg injury while playing for the San Diego State Aztecs in college, he had begun a regimen of painkillers, anti-inflammatories and...
  4. R

    Professional Athletes Call For Action On Medical Cannabis

    Leading up to last year's NFL draft, my firm noted the heavy toll that contact sports take on athletes, and how medical cannabis could help to alleviate that burden. Cannabis has been in a much bigger spotlight over the past 12 months and as part of that many retired and active professional...
  5. R

    Jake Plummer Pushes NFL To Research Possible Marijuana Benefits

    Was ex-NFL quarterback Jake Plummer high when admitting he briefly considered making a comeback trying to replace Peyton Manning? Not quite. Yes, marijuana influenced Plummer's flight of fancy but not in the conscious-bending way linked to popular use. Plummer is a user of cannabidiol...
  6. Woodpipe

    Exercise Causes THC Levels To Spike

    - Source: Drug Testing Gets Harder: Exercise Causes THC Levels To Spike - Leaf Science
  7. saturnrocket

    Stoner sports?

    is it just my geographical area (SC) or is there a large majority of stoners that play soccer, disc golf and hackysack? i played all of these games long before i started smoking and it seems like all of my friends that played also ended up smoking once in high school. in fact our varsity soccer...
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