1. S

    What are the brown spots on leaves?

    Only on a few of the bigger fan leaves. Wierd brown spots. What could it be?
  2. B

    10 day old seedlings showing non-uniform white spotting on them

    Hi all, Just doing a second grow and noticed that although my seedlings are growing relatively well, there is an occurrence of white spots upon the leaves. Am using a flood ebb system with a growing medium mix of 45% clay pellets, 40% plant aquarium gravel substrate, and 15% Adana Africana...
  3. J

    New grower seeking insight!

    Hey guys, My name is Joshua and I am a new grower. I started process using seeds I acquired from a mixture of places (friend who was growing and my dad who had a few). Having said that, I am unsure what strain my plants are. I started the process by germinating them in moist paper towel around...
  4. J

    Help me

    Hey guys my 3 weeks old baby girl has spot on its leaf please help me cure her. I can not find the right diognose for it. Thanks Leaf spot
  5. Katelyn Baker

    CO: The Spot 420 - Pueblo's Marijuana King

    A few years ago, the building at 745 Industrial Blvd. in Pueblo West was just another vacant warehouse, one of many victims of the Great Recession. "It was empty for years," said owner Rob Lucero. "No one wanted these buildings, but then a guy who wanted to start a marijuana grow came along...
  6. G

    Soil - Need help with my spot

    i have recently found my spot to start growing my weed but i thought i might ask. my spot that i have found has wild saltbush around it and that tipical indicator of high levels of salinity and water logging. i was thinking of using this dirt and miking it with some searles 5 in 1 and it might...
  7. C

    Is my weed moldy?

    I have a O of this bud and its really good but i took out one of the nugs and its been a week sealed in a jar and i noticed a white spot not sure if its crystal or mold please help first picture - Second picture-
  8. P

    Small spots on my new seedling?

    Hey 420'ers, My seedling has a few spots this morning when i checked in on her, is this a bad sign and how do i remedy this? I am using a 300w LED and it was about 24 inches above the propogator overnight. I have a few pics below to show if it helps the diagnosis. :thanks: J
  9. Tris420

    Problem - Sour Diesel White Spot on Bud

    Hey 420 Friends ... Growing some Sour Diesel under 2 Marshydro 96x5 since like 2 days im noticing a white spot on only one head bud out of 3 plants ... Im thinking it might be to close to the light because that plant is a little bigger then the others .. so now i tied them down .. .What do you...
  10. McSmokin

    Plants are starting to get mad

    What do you guys think, pH issue? Im growing 60/40 coco/perlite mix. Feeding about 940 ppms at around 6.0 pH once a day. Also foliar feeding as soon as lights go out with a few drops of seaweed extract per 12 oz of RO water. Its mostly effecting only one strain, as I have three plants/two...
  11. GreenH0rn

    The Leaves are geting yellow spots

    Hello everyone My plant did get a yellow spot on the fan leave. I know its maybe too soon to diagnose the problem but better sooner than later. I have never tested the pf of my water and my nutritions because i never had any problems with that. So I am guessing the ph is the problem and i was...
  12. D

    White spots on leaves: please help?

    I'm having a problem (with SS Early Girl), which is driving me nuts. The (white) spots have structure early on but also has a sheen to it, catch it in certain angle of light and it shines! The leaf tends to keep structure but then lower leaves die off and the whole plant just does...
  13. K

    Brown leaves / 100o temps / sprayed for mites / pics

    1. I just sprayed for mites using a combo of Bronners soap, some e-oils, vodka and water. 2% stuff - 98% water. 2. Water in this area heavily chlorinated. ( I let water sit in large container for 2 or 3 days before I water so chlorine can evaporate). 3. Temp are over 100 degrees. 4...
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