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  1. JuicyK404

    Longer Veg Outdoor With Solar LED Spot Light?

    Hey 420 world! I'm in kind of a pickle here, I grow indoors under an LED and the other day I found some good bag seeds germinated them and was planning on vegging them under my LED for about 3-4 weeks while I still have room in my tent then moving them outside when it gets a little warmer out...
  2. B

    50 watt LED spotlight any good for growing?

    Okay so it's my first time growing and I'm not looking to grow a whole crop just a single plant to see how it goes. So will a 50 watt LED spotlight be any good? It has a color temp of 6500k and I'm attempting to grow Swazi gold. I guess i should add it's a powerful spotlight they use at the...