spots fan leaf issue

  1. N

    Spots on fan leaves

    Hi everyone, I'm at the 3rd week into flowering, and I have been noticing these spots on some of my bottom fan leaves. It's my second time growing and I have no clues on how to fix it and if I have to be worried about it. Thank you so much
  2. Auto Grower9

    Auto flower: Need help spots and tips of leaves burning, Foxfarm ocean soil week 7 grow

    Ph water around 6.5 every time, using calmag every other feeding and top dressed with dr earth dry amendment 3-9-4 about a week ago Problem has gotten worse over the past week so I’m guessing the top dressing had something to do with it.
  3. Diegovvvv

    Brown spots on leaves: fungus/Septoria?

    Hi everyone. Does anyone knows what these brown spots are. Haven't seen something like that before. This is a sativa.on its 5th week. I did a quick search on G and some photos talking about fungus/septoria look pretty close to my plant. These spots are.on the top leaves. Soil: plagron batmix...
  4. L

    What is this, is it burn

    Hi guys. OK so I came home last nite and there was water droplets on a couple of my plants (this was 45 mins after light had came back on and humidity is getting around 90 with light off) I dabbed them off with tissue and woke up this morning and this was on the plant that had the most water on...
  5. SweetSue

    A friend needs diagnostic help

    Pigeons 420 doesn't roam these halls any longer, but many of us still follow his beloved ass on YouTube. Admittedly, he's never been good at diagnosing nutrient problems. Watching his weekly garden update this morning my heart was wrenched at the sight of this suffering Afghan Kush...
  6. G

    Spotty yellowing older leaves

    Hi.. Hoping someone can help me out here... Look like anything easily recognisable?... because I havent really been able to identify anything very similar googling around the net... Greenhouse, winter in Australia. Coco, BioVega/Flores... about 4 weeks into flowering.. going to have no shade...
  7. S

    Need help!

    I'm getting these spots on my three plants. This is the worst of it. Anybody know what it is.
  8. Raiven

    Multiple issues with first time grow!! Yellowing, spotting and some curling! Help!

    Multiple issues with first time grow!! Yellowing, spotting and some curling!! *HELP* Hello all!! Thanks in advance for any help you can give!! As you will see in the photos below, I have a few emerging issues occurring with my plants. Im not sure if theres a defficiency or I have over...
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