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  1. S

    Pitiful plant

    My plant is sad. 4wks into veg. growing in ocean forest , leaves curling ,have black spots starting on leaves, lower leaves yellowing /drooping. Upper leaves green rolling up, leaves close together not spread out like fan leaves should. Look's like lack of potassium, manganese ? any ideas...
  2. M

    Acidity question

    Hi all. Me again! My girls levels are waaaaay too acidic. We've just bought this product, but the info isn't any use in terms of amounts and instructions. You can see the size of the pot. How much should we spread? Do we spread or mix with water? Help!
  3. Ron Strider

    Several Politicians Are Spreading Lies About Marijuana Deaths

    Marijuana advocates are used to misinformation being spread by the anti-cannabis crowd. They lie and say that weed is addicting, that it's a gateway drug, that it has no medical benefits, etc. But recently a handful of politicians are making up a new claim about marijuana: that it's killing...
  4. P

    Training help

    My Setup: DWC Setup w/ 5 gallon buckets Fox Farms Nuts iPower Light Digital Dimmable HPS MH 1000-Watt pH 6.2 grown from clones Day 39 This is my first grow, and I'm almost ready to flip. I added a nylon net a week ago or so about four or five inches above the bottom growth. I think I need...
  5. Major PITA

    Name that deficiency/toxicity - Please

    HELP! Hey guys, I could use some more eyes and ideas. My Zamaldelica cross (23 weeks into veg outside), in just the last two weeks has developed rust spots that spread to the leaf margins. This is the only plant showing this problem even though all are in identical soil. It started on a...
  6. BlazingBill

    Petition For the White House to Legalize

    https://petitions.whitehouse.gov//petition/decriminalize-marijuana-nationally-and-remove-cannabis-schedule-i-controlled-substances-act-0 We need 100,000 sigs for them to look at it and it has to be done by MAY 19.2016 So please spread the word and lets get this out there. Thanx! Bill...
  7. S

    Mold on my germinating seed

    Is this a problem and will it spread to the other seedlings