1. Rhubarb


    Yah baby! Spring
  2. Studley's Lion's Head Femme

    Studley's Lion's Head Femme

    This girl will make Studley pip hahaha
  3. O

    Blueberry - So far no luck

    I finally got my order of blueberry in and started them right away. I followed the recommended seed starting as per the website and the inclosed instructions and the first two were a no go. Soaked them in spring water (ph ~6.5) for about 14 hrs then put them on wet paper towels with a single...
  4. 7

    First grow

    Hi all...first time grower with just one plant started from seed...this is about 6 days old since it punched out of the soil....it's growing in Hyponex potting soil mixed with earthworm castings organic soil enricher...and I use only spring water from a natural spring close to my...
  5. A


    My plant went through nitrogen deficiency due to low PH in mid April, since im growing outdoor (spring time) it went into flowering. I flushed the soil and added extra light during night time to re-veg. This came with a lot of lower leaves turning yellow, and i understand because all thats...
  6. Katelyn Baker

    Canada: Marijuana To Be Legal By Late Spring?

    "It comes down to how do we regulate it, how do we regulate the distribution, and influencing the use of it that it's not abused and it's something people can use as they please." Nipissing-Timiskaming MP Anthony Rota believes legislation to legalize the use of marijuana in Canada is very...
  7. G

    Recommended water treatment

    Hello there, I come from a city that has fluoridation and chloramine added to the water. I believe they are less than 10mg/L (<10ppm) each. However, I can't get a solid answer on this one. I'm wondering, is it absolutely necessary to get an RO filter? How easy are they to install (if it is...
  8. J

    Flowering in the middle of spring?

    Hello everyone I am new to this site and this is my second ever little grow. I bought some seeds from kcs. And it is growing well and looks healthy for 6 weeks However it has started flowering In The middle of spring?! It's outside in my vegi patch. I'm thinking maybe they put an auto...
  9. S

    Pot size and veg time - Outdoors

    Hey guys Do you reckon an outdoor grow with 10 gallon smart pots would be big enough? They'll be under veg for around 4 months
  10. C

    Soil grow problems in week 1 of flower

    My grow journal thread is a bit dead so I'm posting over here. Strain is Liberty Haze, grown in FF Ocean Forest & perlite. Only received spring water up until late veg, week 9 veg I believe. In week 9 she got one treatment of 1/4-strength Grow Big and Big Bloom and a week later some cal-mag...
  11. C

    Opinions needed - Start nutes yet or hold off?

    strain: widow medium: fox farms ocean forest/perlite lighting: 300W LED main with CFL supplement, running gas light routine water: spring water I could really use some guidance on when to begin a nutrient regimen. My plant is 48 days from seed, and I plan to stay in veg until day 60 before...
  12. tonythc

    Feeling a little more confident this year

    Got some good strains kicking off the new year for outdoors.:goof:Should be exciting!:surf: Feels like it took forever for spring time to get here.
  13. Lester Freeman

    Completed Relaxed's Outdoor Medical Grow - 2016

    Aloha Brothers and Sisters of 420 Magazine! :ciao: :surf: Welcome to My Year 2016 Grow Journal! :volcano-smiley: Mini-Rundown Current winter plants in flower: JD & UD Current plants in veg for spring: JD, UD, SC, BB (generational mother clones) 4 Current Strains in cycle...
  14. W

    45th N parallel choices

    I live in Oregon and just trying to decide what to grow this spring.... I have Honeysuckle , Mojave OG kush, Spliff Sweet & sour, OG Berry, Northern lights, and assorted auto's.... looking forward to another spring/ summer. Any one from Oregon?
  15. X

    Starting outdoors in spring

    Hi I live in northern California and I am wondering... If I start my seeds in March, probably March 15th, do they need any supplemental light? Will they just veg through the short days of the early spring and keep going till fall? I plan to make sure they do no freeze. At what point in a...
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