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    Germination - Help Please!

    After a difficult time getting seeds to germinate I finally changed the variables in got one to drop a taproot. I put it in the ground two days ago where the taproot was down and the top of the seed was nearly flush with the soil. Now, it's about 1 inch out of the ground but the seed hull is...
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    2nd sprout in same pot? What is this in my pic?

    I took a picture of my plant so far, it just sprouted yesterday... i'm not sure how long it's supposed to take for first leaves to spread open, but it's been 24 hours since it surfaced & it's still closed up like that, but just a tad taller... Anyways, when I planted the seed, it took over 4...
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    White Widow Problem?

    Basically, this plant has been growing for 2 weeks. But it didn't have a sufficient light source other than a window with sun light. Now I have a flourescent growing light, but it looks like the plant might not survive. It almost looks as if the plant is too tall at this stage to become strong...
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    sprouts were doing brilliant, but now there dying? HELP!

    so I've started growing three sprouts and one died of which i just threw up to chance due to the fact that one of them was doing great. good health, looks like it was going to be a great plant. However, recently ive gone down to my girlfriends house for the weekend and its rather sunny there so...
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    I need help ASAP

    I am having the strangest problem. Yesterday I put 5 plants into a Hydro room. I am using a high output T5 lighting, DWC tub and starting nutes are Vegan compost tea and Thrive Alive. Temp is 80 & hymudity is 40%. 3 of them are doing great. The 2 that are most important to me are having...
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    White Russian wont Sprout, Please Advise.

    Hi Everyone. I have been browsing the site for Months so I feel like I am at home but with this being my first post I guess I am still new here. Let me just say this site is by for the most beneficial & helpful of all the MJ sites, Anyways... I am planning a Hydro grow with Querkle and...
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