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    New marijuana sprout emerging from soil
  4. 2 days old, planting in cups..jpg

    2 days old, planting in cups..jpg

  5. W


    Hi guys I actually hate paper towel method. seeds should never be exposed to light until sprouting.
  6. Bacondoggy

    Sprouting in just perlite

    I've seen this done with pretty good success but is there any downsides? Also, the perlite I have is miracle grow and it's .07.07.07. That won't hurt or burn the sprout right? I hear some people rinse it off first but I prefer not to if I don't have to...should I put some peat so it's perlite...
  7. Smokeater

    Getting seeds to sprout

    Forgive me if I have no idea what I'm doing and ask dumb questions. I just read on a different thread NOT to place the seeds between paper towels to get them to sprout. I'm getting ready to try growing my own for the first time and have no clues about this stuff. What is the best way to get your...
  8. G

    First Grow - Doubts - Suggestions?

    Hey everyone! So this is my first attempt at growing. Just some bagseed I had laying around. It germinated great and started sprouting just the other day. But after looking closer at the seedling I have some doubts. Here is a photo of it so far... It looks very sad. Notice...
  9. S

    White root small bulb

    Hello, I am a week into planting purple haze. After I planted it the root was showing but not sprouting so i re planted it and watered it. Does that seem right? the root was all white with a little green bulb, I am hoping the root didnt die and anyone that can help or shed light I would...
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