1. 6BabyGorillaGlueGirls.jpg


    Gorilla Glue sprouts are coming along just fine.
  2. F1a MTKxTMS 2019

    F1a MTKxTMS 2019

    at a close look there is nute damage and something eating it.... will go back to rescue
  3. F1b MTKxTMS 2019

    F1b MTKxTMS 2019

    outstripping a
  4. F1c MTKxTMS 2019

    F1c MTKxTMS 2019

    aka *Speedypop
  5. F1d MTKxTMS 2019

    F1d MTKxTMS 2019

    nothing special yet
  6. T

    How much light do I need in a plant nursery?

    Hi Guys, I'm designing a little nursery box where I want to start my seeds and grow young plants for about 3 weeks. The box will be made in white styrofoam and will be 50x50x50cm in dimensions. I'm thinking about using white cob led stripes attached to the roof of the box. The question is how...
  7. A

    LED light too powerful?

    I think the led are killing my seedlings... Perhaps I had them a weee bit too close and killed 3 sprouts so far, managed to bring one back and tried him under the light with only the same outcome. Sprout falls over into the soil, lifeless and stringy looking. I germinzed 2 more auto fem and...
  8. R

    Lesson learned

    So I figured I could cheap out and just use some field dirt to sprout a couple seeds. Soaked the seeds and watered the dirt in preparation, next day I planted the seeds in the soft moist sandy soil and 2 days later I had 2 little green sprouts popping up. By the next day the soil looked quite...
  9. C

    Sprouts pulling towards the light?

    i have 3 small sprouts, i have them in a very sunny/ light window indoors. they pull themselves towards the window so fast , i have been rotating them 3-4 times a day. im worried they will bend compeletly in half if i dont rotate... any advice ?
  10. C

    Can an experienced grower look at my sprouts?

    how do we load pictures. ? i have a few sprouts. just want someone too tell me how the look , and if i should do anything different
  11. M

    Many sprouts in my growing pot - First timer

    Hello, This is my first time growing anything, please forgive me if I sound completely stupid. I planted the germinated seeds in pots filled with soil (one seed per pot). Five days later I was confused as I saw multiple sprouts coming from each pot (one of them had 5 small thin sprouts). Is...
  12. C

    Indoor Seedling Help - First Time Tent Grow

    Hi All, I'm new to this site and though what better place to ask for some guidance for my first grow attempt! I've got a basic indoor setup with a 1.6x60x80 tent, using a basic Fluro light until my full spectrum LED arrives (next week hopefully, along with a fan). History: I germinated...
  13. J

    1 seed - 3 sprouts is this a Crazy art plant?

    Hi Guys, I'm new here.. To begin with I was going to make a complete harvest and then report all about it afterwards, but I woke up this morning realizing my Plan B was mutating.. ITS SO BEAUTIFUL! I'm trying to upload pictures, and really hope for some cool advice.. -I know alot people...
  14. jwb87

    White/Yellow Edged Leaves

    Thought it would go away with the new set of leaves, but its still there. Think shes just nute deprived?? Only watered with plain PH balanced water, & last time added a few drops of H202. Any suggestions much appreciated. My other 3 are on deaths door & Im to embarrased to even show pics...
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