1. Ron Strider

    MA: Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens Joint In Harvard Square

    The first medical marijuana dispensary ever to hit Harvard Square has officially opened its doors. Healthy Pharms Inc., a registered nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary, opened for business within The Red House restaurant at 98 Winthrop St. Saturday. The shop will be open daily from noon to...
  2. Ron Strider

    Tweed Expanding To Meet Recreational Marijuana Market

    Niagara-on-the-Lake will soon boast the largest legal marijuana facility in the world, with one million square feet of greenhouses on Concession 5 to be in production by next summer, when recreational pot is expected to be legalized by the federal government. About one third of that space is...
  3. Ron Strider

    CA: Cannabis Ignites Sonoma Co. Industrial Real Estate; Marin Office market Slows

    The call of Santa Rosa as a hub for legalized cannabis commerce is forcing longtime players in Sonoma County industrial real estate to adjust to the rush. "If you have a business and it is in zoning that allows for cannabis, you may not know if you can renew your lease," said Shawn Johnson...
  4. Southerncough

    Square Smart Pots?

    Wassap gardeners, has anyone tried the square mesh grow bags/smart pots? I gave the round 5 gallon ones a go and seemed to have decent luck with my last set up. Planning ahead for my next garden and thinking about doing 10-20 gal and doing my homework between staying with the mesh bags or...
  5. Ron Strider

    California Cannabis: The Marijuana Cultivation Rules (Part III)

    California's Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act ("MCRSA") has left stakeholders with many questions regarding how cannabis cultivation regulations will play out. But now that the California Department of Food and Agriculture ("DFA"), through its CalCannabis Cultivation Licensing...
  6. A

    Eek - Lighting is intimidating! T5 & HPS

    Hi! Totally new to this. I'm planning on starting my own grow room. Size: 47 square feet and planning on planting about 10 plants. or can i fit more in there? I was thinking of using 2 x 4 bulb T5 fixtures at 54 watts and 2000 lumens per bulb for vegetative stage, and then switching to 2...
  7. K

    MA: Medical Marijuana Nonprofit Clears Hurdle To Bring Dispensary To Harvard Square

    Plans are moving forward to convert a portion of an historic house first built more than 200 years ago in Harvard Square into a place for registered patients to purchase medical marijuana products. The Cambridge Planning Board on Feb. 28 voted in favor of a special permit for Healthy Pharms...
  8. K

    PA: City Puts Up No Sitting Signs In Rittenhouse Square, Targets Weed

    Sitting on the walls is now banned in Rittenhouse Square. The perching prohibition went into effect Thursday confusing — but not stopping — about a dozen people who gathered to enjoy the park on the unseasonably warm January day. Four signs were installed in the interior of the park along...
  9. K

    How Legalized Marijuana Could Impact Real Estate In Arizona

    If Arizona voters pass Prop 205 legalizing recreational marijuana, it could have a big impact on the industrial and retail market around the state. Consider what has happened in Colorado, for example. The marijuana industry accounted for 35.8 percent of Denver's newly occupied and...
  10. K

    CA: Local Weed Growers With Emerald Family Farms Are Embracing Legitimacy, Taxation

    Local marijuana growers are clamoring to go legit. Back in January the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors passed the Commercial Medical Marijuana Land Use Ordinance, making ours the first county in the state to establish a commercial permitting system. And by the Aug. 23 deadline the county...
  11. K

    CA: Mendocino County Supervisors Discuss Cannabis Tax Ballot Measure

    On Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors agreed to revisit the issue of cannabis business licenses and taxes at next week's meeting, when the board also plans to discuss a cannabis compliance ordinance. Fifth District Supervisor Dan Hamburg recused himself from the proceedings. Because the...
  12. H

    Square pots

    Where to buy in Ontario 2 - 2 1\2 gal. Thanks, Herb.
  13. W

    Big Daddy and Brick Press

    These new presses are manufactured in America by high quality aircraft aluminum. What makes them unique is that you heat them in boiling water as opposed to in the oven. The aluminum craft holds their heat longer, thus making it easier to make a solid press. The Big Daddy Press goes for $370 and...
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