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  2. C

    7 Flo - 1 x Mango - 3 Chem - 1 SSH

    How's it going fellow growers. I am currently growing 7 Flo, 3 Chem, and 1 SSH(clone straight to 12/12). The 6 Flo, 1 Flo x mango, and 3 Chem are on their 7th day of flower as of today. So here we go I am happy to present my babies to you. Nutes: Bio vega + age old grow any suggestions? how...
  3. TriangleCheese

    Defects on leaves and topping

    Hey guys. I am recently DWC growing one SuperSilverHaze and one PurePowerPlant. Both were clones. I gotta tell you PPP is the most handsome and strong plant I have ever seen. SSH on the other hand, has not much of a solid one in my experience. I topped SSH 7 days ago and I topped PPP today...
  4. Duael Gardens

    Duael Gardens 1st Brix Post - SSH & BBD

    Hello everybody, My first thread here at 420. I hope I dont totally violate the guidelines. I've been using Doc Bud's Kit for over a year now and I thought this might be a good time to post. I have been paying attention to what Doc has been saying about Landrace strains doing better with...
  5. K

    Kr4zy - Soil/Coco - Super Silver Haze - 2015

    hey people, new to this forum, i love growing weed so wanted to join forum so i can learn more from you experienced people :) anyways i start growing 3 months back :Namaste: and i currently have 1 x afghan og in flowering week 2 and this grow journal is for the new seed i germinated which i...
  6. sshamish

    Super Silver Hamish Saying G'day

    hey guys just wanted to pop in and introduce myself, medicinal cannabis has saved my life and i think its time to start growing my own meds, i have a mars hydro 192x3w reflector series and some g13 x amnesia haze so ill be starting a scrog indoor journal soon, hope to see you guys...
  7. MSquared

    MSquared's - Indoor - Soil - Multi Strain - 1800w - Perpetual

    Hi there 420! :circle-of-love: I am starting this journal in the middle of my flowering cycle, but I have quite a few strains and some upgrades already installed and some more on the way, I don't want to give it all up just yet, so stay tuned! :high-five: I have been growing for a while...
  8. K

    G13 Clones and SSH mothers - LED/HPS

    So in my last journal I grew some SSH clones and due to having to move, continued to veg them to this day. They are now about chest high and I've been using them as mothers but I plan to flower them soon along with some of their clones. I've got some G-13 clones about 2 weeks ino their preveg...
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