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  1. S

    Has somebody tried switching back to 20/4 after flowering?

    What would it do to switch back to longer light period once flowering is "stable" (ie after "pre-flowering pistil buttons") ? Would it help buds getting fatter faster ? Imagine you had a bad summer (clouds, storms etc , so not much light) and then sun is back in fall. What does it do in...
  2. E

    3 Reasons Hermies Are Born

    Hello,their are 3 major factors that cause hermies.I NEVER HAD ONE,,First,genetics, seeds that are just not geneticly stable from the start,nothing you can do,Second ,sensitive strains hate topping,the plants believe a deer or animal has began to eat it,and will produce seeds as a defense...
  3. ShiggityFlip

    Making stable e-liquid from cannabis extract

    I'm writing this protocol to show how simple it is to make ejuice from cannabis extracts (hash,budder,shatter,Qwiso, Qwet, etc.) I see a lot of people who desire an eliquid delivery system for their cannabis concentrates. I have tried different methods and in the end love this one for its...