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  1. R

    New born leaf edges are yellowish color!

    hi i am a new indoor grower. but i have many outdoor experience in years. so i am not an expert but i can say i know the language of cannabis;) i always use mediterranean soil and organic fertz. like cow pooh, warm castings and molasses. and tap water which ph is 7.2 but i used it many times...
  2. cavalocansado

    DP StarRyder & Dinafem Blue Cheese Auto - Balcony - First Grow

    Summary: Balcony grow in soil (Biobizz All-Mix in 8L pots), Some CFL to strengthen the seedlings, Biobizz Fish-Mix throughout as only nutrient 1 x Dutch Passion StarRyder / 1 x Dinafem Blue Cheese Auto. After I get these out in the sun on their own, I'll plant another SR. Hi everyone! Enough...
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