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  1. cannabin0id

    First grow - First post

    Hey guys, My name's Conor, and I'm an aspiring grower. I started smoking late into my teens and never really knew anything about strains or their different effects. I'd burn with my friends when we'd go out, get the giggles, the munchies and then I'd sleep like a champ. When I was 20 I...
  2. D

    Siamese conjoined seed

    Does anyone have any experience with a Siamese conjoined seed ? I have started to germ and it looks like I will get a tap from both sides . I have a few clones and a few seeds started as well but this will be my first grow . I was just looking for some advice for this dually
  3. Zombikush81

    Clone Royal Gorilla

    started 8 weeks of flowering, already I started to wash the roots from the 7th week .... I foresee to keep it again for 3/5 days peace & love
  4. Zombikush81

    Started New Cycle GG #4

    started new cycle ... GG # 4 finite 4 weeks of growth ....! I love this variety but I love taking care of these fantastic friends this morning passed into a larger pot ....
  5. C

    Not a normal yellowing issue - Please give opinions

    First time poster here so please do not be gentle. Be blunt and be honest. about 2 weeks ago my Thai plant started getting yellow leaves all throughout the tree. But this yellowing does not seem to be deficiency related and seems to be more of a very beautiful golden color but it has me...
  6. C

    New grower from Canada!

    Good afternoon everyone. I usually never post messages on forums but since I am getting so much information from here, I thought I would introduce myself today. So I just started growing weed 2 months ago. I did some tests at the beginning and set up my grow tent lights and everything. I first...
  7. BTzGrow

    Introducing myself with my first indoor grow

    Hi everyone, BTz for Southern California, San Diego to be exact. I've started my first indoor grow at the beginning of December 17. I started with a Gorilla Grow Lite 2x2.5 5'7" tent and initially a 2' 2bulb T5 light. I have an inline blower and a 4" x 12" Carbon Filter mounted on a board...
  8. W

    My First Time DWC Grow Journal CK Purple Kush & Green Crack

    Hey, guys, I'm totally new here and totally new to growing anything period. I just started and am off to a very rocky start so I decided maybe some guidance is needed from you experienced green thumbs. So here goes! - I did a DIY RDWC with top feed and had water sitting in it for about 4...
  9. D

    First time grower

    Hey guys, Looking for suggestions on where or who to buy from here in canada for hardware to get started. Pots for coco Lights, prefferably led Exhaust system Etc... Any help would be greatly appreciated
  10. SofaKing Dope

    SofaKing Dope Scrogs Cinderella While Taming A Web Of White Widow In Coco

    Hello all this is my 3rd time adding this info i keep loosing all my work due to supidity so here the abbrieviated version Strains cinderella 99 and white widow from GCS Media- coco pearlite mix 70/30 amended with aprox 15% WC Nutes- heavy 16 full line. Roots prime fire veg a&b bud a&b...
  11. O

    Which deficiency and what to do?

    Hi, this is my first grow and I made the mistake and started using filtered water few weeks ago and started having yellow leaves not only the older leaves mostly the leaves in the middle and the new leaves looking washed out and Im not sure what to do (Epson salt?) I would like to know for...
  12. beez0404

    This is why I don't play the Lottery!

    This is my first year growing. I started indoors this February in a 2' x 2' x 4' tent. I had modest success and was encouraged to make a small garden outside over the summer. I learned a lot over that time period. Which brings us to this fall. I was gifted a feminized Blue Dream seed from a...
  13. I

    Saying Hello

    Hello from Canada. I have recently begun using The Herb for anxiety & depression. Just started a small grow! Glad to be aboard.:thumb:
  14. M

    1st Timer! TGA Clone Jesus OG - 600W LED SCROG LST Grow - Seeking Advice!

    Yo whats up guys first time grow here, started about 2 months ago. UC Student medical user out here in California and Im an aspiring grow master or whatever you could call it I just know growing has become my passion and they say do what you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life...
  15. B

    Gender issues - Is it a boy?

    Hello everyone, This is my first grow. It's the second day of 12/12 time schedule and this guys started to appear yesterday. Can you help me to determine the gender? Thanks
  16. T

    What causes this?

    Hello 420 fellow... fellas This is my first grow, and i didnt do all the research before i started growing.. I was convinced growing indoor was given the term "hydroponic", to my surprise i was comepletely wrong, I now know it's growing plants without soil <- indication to how big a retard i...
  17. Stltoed

    New to this forum

    Hello. New here, but not so new to the topic of growing weed. I run a RDWC with Black Dog lights in an insulated shed. Just started some Lemon Skunk seeds from DNA. I'm hoping for magic. Anyway, i just wanted to send up a flare
  18. T

    Hello - I'm new and have a question

    I started taking cannibus oil with thc, 50/50 about a month or so ago because I am worried I will get Alzheimer's disease because early onset runs in my family and I am 55 and post menopausal. I was wondering if anyone has heard of someone that is menopausal that has started bleeding but not...
  19. D

    Greek Red Sativa

    Just cropped, started with the trimming.My best smoke.....
  20. D

    Self-topping plant - Bad genetics?

    This is an Amnesia Haze auto that has started growing funky the last week/10 days. Started this one from seed on 9/17, and a bunch of seeds I started a week later have caught up in size to this one (unfortunately none of the same strain). Is this common? Bad genetics or something else? I don't...