1. D

    Am I Missing Anything?

    I'm a first time grower and getting setup. Is this everything I should need to start my adventure? Any advice or opinions? Tent - GrowLab 80L - 4ft 11in x 2ft 7in x 6ft 7in Light - Mars Reflector 144 Grow - PowerGrow DWC Hydroponic Bucket Kit 5 Gallon w/ 6 inch net pot x2...
  2. C

    Completed Grow Journal - First Time Grow Outdoor

    First time grow, Would love some of you to walk me thru and give me advise starter with 5 sour diesel sativa seeds started seeds in cup of water for 18 hours moved into wet paper towel to sprout. took about 3 days planted into these starter cups , 3 came up. 2 did not one got...
  3. eScott

    Damn, the inspiration here! Oh, I'm new by the way!

    Hi, My name is E and I'm an alco.... Wait. wrong place... Wow, this forum is awesome! I've never seen such a helpful and willing to share group! I'm so used to the trade forums of my industry where peoples secrets of success where held close to the vest in fear of "competition" even when the...
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