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  1. ThaTinMan

    In The Beginning

    THE HARDEST thing to do, is to get started. Now this is for the Simi serious folks. Costs are under 500 clams for equipment! Dude that's cheap!! For the exception of a tent or room ventilation, very important that there is good understanding..... that's it's a gonna get hot! But budget gives a...
  2. N

    Unintentional flowering

    I have 2 lemon haze (fem) on 18 hrs of LED lights ,one is starting to flower..should i just go to 12 n 12
  3. W

    Small Time Lazy Seed Starter - Beating A Dead Horse To Death

    So....I've TRIED to be good and read all the forum posts in order to make an intelligent decision on my own. Confusion & failure. There are SO many different kind of lights out there and SO much technical information out there. COB, LED, HID, watts, etc., etc. Making me crazy. Please hold...
  4. G

    New guy - New setup - 1st problem?

    Hello to all. I've taken the plunge and started with a very small setup and my goal is simple....become self sufficient with some righteous smoke. So far all is going well with this one small exception. I transplanted to 7 gallon fabric pots 2 days ago and am starting to see little spots of...
  5. G

    Stoked on this simple auto T5 grow!

    Man this plant smells so nice! Pretty large Auto from what I'm seeing and this was all done in a simple 54watt T-5 shower setup. 18-6 and only used properly ph water 5.8-6.0 in 50-50 coco-perlite, 75-82 degress and 65-75% humidity. Only used Bloom nuts starting at 300ppm and ending at 700ppm...
  6. Michigander

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello from Michigan! I'm new to the forum. I joined just in time because after a recent move to a new home, I'm starting back up my perpetual all organic grow and I will also be starting a Journal along with it. I had a continuous grow going for well over 6 years straight and now my grow room...
  7. W

    Transplant Depth

    Hi folks, I'm new and I just purchased some feminized white widow seeds. I have been starting vegetables and flowers indoors, under grow lights, for years. Last year I even started a couple of pot plants from a few seeds that I had found in a bag of weed. I used a seed starting mix like ProMix...
  8. N


    Hey, My name is Nyssa, I am new here, starting my first real grow and I am so excited!
  9. D

    New to growing in Colorado

    medicinal user that is tired of spending money on meds that I feel I can grow myself. Will be starting my first grow this Friday. Well at least start buying supplies for the grow. I will be doing an indoor grow starting with 3 or 4 pants. I am still deciding between a 4x2 or 4x4 tent. pretty...
  10. H

    Pukka with LEDs Mars 96

    Hi all im new here was thinking of starting a diary on my led grow
  11. Jackalope

    Solo cup day

    Well the fall season is starting to commence. No new plants for a while now. Can't wait to watch them grow. I'm planning on starting a grow journal this time. I know I said that last time too and didn't I lied lol. Here are the players in this line up. Tahoe OG, Cali Connection Super Lemon...
  12. MrSwishaa

    Using Miracle Grow Seed Starting Potting Mix For Autoflower - Need Advice

    Thi is what I have so far; MG- seed starting potting mix- nitrogen( 0.03%) AV phosphorus- 0.03%, and soluble potash - 0.03% MG sphagnum peat moss - nitrogen (0.19%) AV phosphate- 0.11%, Soluble potash-0.15% Sta-Green Vermiculite Miracle grow perlite - nitrogen (0.07%) AV phosphate -...
  13. H

    Plants are growing slow and starting to turn yellow

    this is my first time growing so I don't know what to expect my plants are now a month old and are still small and now starting to turn yellow and just grow very slow I have 2 100w 6400k cfl bulbs on them about 6 inch away from plants I water almost daily to keep the soil damp can anyone give me...
  14. HigherTheHigh

    Help help help! Start of bud rot and need the ingredients solution

    like above says my buds iv just harvested is starting to get it, is it hydrogen peroxide i buy to wash them? whats the mixture too? thanks!
  15. E

    Everson's First Grow - Indoor Soil - Strawberry Kush - Pineapple Haze - Blueberry

    Hi All, Here is my plan (trying to keep it simple): Growing in a walk in closet. It's about 10x5, but has overhead wire shelves that will work well for hanging lights and mylar sheets on all 4 sides to create a grow space about 3x4 6 plants in 3 gallon pots. Planning 2 Strawberry Kush, 2...
  16. M

    Darkheart Nursery Chocolate Hashberry

    I am running a couple of these plants outdoors in northern cali. As of a few days ago they have started to flower. Does anyone else have experience running this strain outdoor? Seems awfully early to be starting. it's the only strain I have that is starting.
  17. Ron Strider

    These Marijuana K-Cups Will Get You High AF

    Finally, everyone can stop eating and smoking marijuana like savages. A new (compostable!) marijuana K-cup called Brewbudz is available in Nevada dispensaries starting today, and it works with regular Keurig machines. Each pod costs $7, about as much as a cheap glass of wine. "Brewbudz offers...
  18. StarshipGod

    My First Grow!

    Hello all ! First off I want to apologize if I put this in the wrong section... Anyways on with my grow. This is my first time growing, so if you will please bare with me as I have a few questions !! I have 2 white cookie plants And 2 green crack plants Both form king crop So far...
  19. just starting

    Just Starting

    I am just starting his first grow at the age of 54 and find it very relaxing. I have built a 4x8 grow room and have mylar every where from top to bottom. My light supply is 4=400watt COB LEDs and 1=600.I started this grow about two months ago and my plants are about 2.5 feet tall.I have been...
  20. M

    Bubba Kush Auto Small Indoor Grow, First Timer

    First time grower here, so I'm on a journey not everything's right but it's working. Here's my set up: Tent 60 x 60 x 140. Extraction: 4" inline fan drawing through carbon filter. Air movement 2 6" oscilating fans. Lighting. For Veg. 300 watt Blue spec CFL. For Flower: 400w Dual...
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