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    Pot Startups Flying High With California Poised To Legalize Marijuana

    Cannabis connoisseurs won't be the only ones rejoicing if voters legalize recreational marijuana this election. Expect Silicon Valley's burgeoning class of pot entrepreneurs to join the party. Startups are cropping up throughout the Bay Area that put a signature Valley spin on the age-old...
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    Cannabis Startups And The Ghost Of Nancy Reagan

    Over my career, I've helped build and deploy weapon systems, music videos, mainstream movies, pornography, firearms and sex toys. But when I co-founded Gateway, an accelerator for startups in the cannabis industry, many friends responded by saying, "I never thought you'd do a thing like that!"...
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    Here Are Boston's First Weed Startups

    Startups dealing with marijuana could be positioned to see serious green. Forbes stated that a recent report revealed that legal cannabis sales in the U.S. grew 184 percent last year. For 2015, our country's legitimate marijuana business was worth $5.4 billion and much of the growth was due to a...