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    Stash box everything you need
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    Stash box with tray
  3. Ron Strider

    New Zealand: Kapi-Mana Police Call For Owners Of Half a Kilo Of Cannabis

    It's a lost and found story worthy of Cheech and Chong after dopey dope fiends let their stash find its way to police. Wellington District Police posted a picture of the half-kilo of primo buds in a tongue-in-cheek appeal to its owners on its Facebook page on Sunday night replete with the...
  4. P

    Original Piece Pipe stealth one-hit

    Have you guys and gals tried the Piece Pipe? It's a stealth one-hitter from Sweden. I love it because it I can hang it on a pocket chain that my keys are attached to and it's always available yet hardly noticeable. I keep a hit in the bowl and a couple in the hidden stash section. Highly...
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