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  1. Teleon

    Weatherstation 2.0

    Hey :welcome: I started a grow and was tinkering around to get a good weatherstation with some data logging features - everything what u could buy is way to expensive, so I decided to make my own one ;) It sends every 30s temperature, humidity and creates a UNIX timestamp while receiving...
  2. Ron Strider

    Malawi: Government To Scale Up Industrial Hemp Trials

    Following the successful industrial hemp trials at Chitedze Research Station in Lilongwe, Government has approved the trials conducted in other environments. The Station has so far tested 10 varieties acquired from Europe, China, and Australia to assess if they have low levels of the...
  3. S

    Sea of Green - Filling some knowledge gaps - Please help!

    Hello everyone! Let's get right into it? First an overview: The Two Stations Station 1 - 60cm x 50cm x 160cm - Mother / Veg Space - 2 Mothers Station 2 - 80cm x 80cm x 160cm - Flower Space - X Clones (to be determined with this thread!) The Procedure - Take X amount of clones every 2...
  4. K

    IL: Lake Station Backs State Medical Marijuana Law Bid

    The Lake Station City Council has joined the Lake County Council in calling for the legalization of medical marijuana in Indiana. The council approved a resolution by a 7-0 vote on Jan. 12, according to its sponsor, Councilman Neil Anderson, D-at large. "It's just something I feel...