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  1. Ron Strider

    Modular Tiny Homes Made Of Hemp Could Solve Workforce Housing

    Tiny homes have been pitched as a way to downsize your lifestyle, go on vacation, or even as a way to house the homeless, but they also offer a possible solution for pricey towns like Aspen and the Hamptons. The high cost of real estate in resort communities–like Jackson Hole, Wyoming–means that...
  2. D

    Dcyans here it's been awhile!

    I just wanted to say hi to all of my old friends and new one too! :thumb: I have been out of the seen for a few years but I am back now and here to stay! I see I have much catching up to do and hopefully I will be back up to speed ASAP. Looking forward to chatting with many of you. Ok time to...
  3. M

    I stopped if I start how long will it stay in my system again?

    I stopped smoking weed for 2 months wich means my body is clean if I have it again how long will it take to leave my body ?
  4. B

    How high to keep my Budmaster God?

    Hi i am a new grower and im using a budmaster 2 god 4 im just wondering how high to keep it? I hear the power out put alows you to keep it at the top of room, and the lens makes it strong enough to stay at top but is there any benifit to droping it? Im only 2weeks in from germanation so not...
  5. DoubleO420

    How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Our Systems?

    How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Our Systems? Here's Why There's No Definite Answer How Long Does Marijuana Stay in Our Systems? Here's Why There's No Definite Answer
  6. Lazarus13

    Beneficial bacteria assistance

    I'm running a 12 gallon top-fed dwc set up. I have 2 seedlings in it right now that are just getting ready to enter the first week of veg so I'm not using any nutrients yet. I am using beneficial bacteria and humic acid though to take a pre-emptive step against pythium and the other icks that...