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  1. D

    Beating depression last try

    Hi :Love: So i have only smoked some weed. When i was in my 16s. I did enjoy it but i never stuck with it. And the simple fact is that. In Sweden where am from hashish is easiest to get. Sold mostly buy a "friend" of a friend. Or you are forced to deal with gangs. And fuck that am now in my...
  2. K

    New to Growing

    Hello I am looking for some feedback please. I want to start growing but I'm not 100% sure what all I need and what products I should use or shouldn't use. I want to run a stealth grow considering I still live with my parents. I am going to be building a desk soon and its going to have a 4 feet...
  3. Kyu Maengun

    Losing My Grow Virginity

    Hello everyone! I am super stoked to be posting my very first grow journal! As I stated in my recent introduction to the forums and I am not new to enjoying Cannabis but this will be my first legitimate effort to grow my own. ~Preface: I had stumbled across a stealth "PC" grow box on another...
  4. D

    Advice Welcome - Growing In A Tiny Stealth Box - Fruity Chronic Juice

    Hey guys! I want to do a nice grow journal for you. It's the first time growing indoors, it's not the plant, that makes me struggling. It's the final building of the box. First of all I'm running on a budget and have to move as soon as fall knocks on our doors. So I want to build a...
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