stealth hydro

  1. shmeg

    Abandoned Shmeg's LowRyder #2 - 4 Plant - 1st Hydro Grow - In Progress

    Greetings, I am already a week into my grow but I have fastidiously kept notes/photos in Note Master on my iPhone and decided to simply synch my notes with Google Drive. Therefore I am beginning at the beginning just to keep everything chronologically correct. Thank you for visiting my grow...
  2. J

    Completed Stealth Deep Water Culture Grow Journal HPS 150w + 4 23w CFLS Closet

    hey what sup everyone .. first off i will like to thank all the help provided by all the Deep Water Culture here thanks!!!! (Special thanks to roseman for his tutorial):bravo: here is my spec : Location - closet system - stealth Deep Water Culture starter kit lights - sun system hps 150w...
  3. MisterPeabody

    Abandoned Mister Peabody's First Grow

    Finally got my stealth grow cab completed and it's time to grow. This grow began life in the comfort of a 1" Rockwell cube, PH'd for 48 hrs @ 5.0 respectively. The story begins.. The girls are beginning to shift gears (girls, I hope). Here you can see the reservoir, and how shallow it is...
  4. J

    Completed Just got my Deep Water Culture Plan on Using a HTG 150 Watts HPS - Need Help

    finally got the pictures up .. here is my grow room set up .. any suggestion?..
  5. T

    The Deep Water Culture Home

    OK, I'm starting this thing so we have a place to hang and help. What it becomes is completely up to you fine growers. OK, for the first report. My grow has settled into that exciting time where females have been identified, the males have been whacked, fim is done, supercrop has...
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